Thermo Scientific - Owl EasyCast B Series

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Owl EasyCast B2 Electrophoresis

Owl B2 EasyCast Mini Gel System provides the most flexibility in a very small footprint. The longer gel length and the two comb slots give you the flexibility of running 8 to 48 samples on one gel. The optional multi load tray can increase the maximum number of samples to 108 in a multichannel pipette format. The simple to use casting method, and multiple comb and tray options, makes this Owl’s most popular system.      
Owl offers a wide range of combs. The 2 comb slots on the U.V. Transmissible (UVT) gel tray, double your sample capacity by doubling the number of sample wells. Heavy duty, one piece combs eliminate comb assembly. UVT gel trays are silk screened with a florescent ruler for easy measurement of bands. This system is available with optional buffer exchange ports, catalog number B2-BP, for use with an external recirculation pump.
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Features of Owl EasyCast B Series
  • Buffer Chamber.       
  • SuperSafe Lid with Attached Power Supply Leads.       
  • EasyCast Gasketed U.V. Transmissible (UVT) Gel Tray.       
  • 2 Combs: 12 & 20 Well, Double Sided, 1.0/1.5 mm Thick
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Owl Scientific - B1

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Owl Scientific - B1A

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Owl Scientific - B2

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Owl Scientific - B3

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