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High-Throughput Microplate Spectrophotometer

The new SpectraMax® Plus384 is the only spectrophotometer with a built-in cuvette port and microplate drawer. Now you can run both standard spectrophotometer and microplate reader applications on the same instrument. Read one sample or up to 384 at a time—it's your choice. Use any standard cuvette, 12 x 75 mm test tube, 96- or 384-well microplate. For even more sample throughput, the SpectraMax Plus384 can be easily integrated into a full robotic system. The SpectraMax Plus384 easily adapts to fit your sample processing requirements.      
Patented PathCheck® Sensor      
PathCheck Sensor eliminates the last major difference between microplate readers and spectrophotometers—optical pathlength. PathCheck Sensor provides a powerful new tool for microplate analysis.      
Until now, you could never get the same absorbance readings from a microplate reader as from a spectrophotometer because samples in a microplate have a volume-dependent pathlength. PathCheck Sensor is the only patented technology available that measures the depth (optical pathlength) of samples in the microplate. SoftMax® Pro software can automatically normalize the well absorbance to a cuvette equivalent pathlength of 1 cm. It's like having 96 or 384 cuvettes!      
  1. Eliminate standard curves. For compounds with a known extinction coefficient, concentration can be calculated directly from absorbance.      
  2. Pipetting does not have to be accurate. With PathCheck Sensor, it is acceptable to have different volumes in the wells. Just put 20 µl - 300 µl of sample or standard into each well and read the plate. The PathCheck Sensor will correct for the volume differences in all 96 or 384 wells, and report 1 cm absorbance values.      
  3. Extend the dynamic range to 6+ OD. If a well reads out of range (> 4 OD), decrease the volume (100 µl of sample can be used with excellent precision) in that well and reread the plate using the PathCheck Sensor. A 100 µl sample (optical pathlength ~0.3 cm) that reads 2.8 OD will be corrected to ~9.2 OD.      
  4. Detect pipetting errors in 96- or 384-well microplates. The PathCheck Sensor measures differences in volume between the wells, so you can identify and eliminate sources of error from your data or correct your absorbance values.      
  5. Quickly and easily test multichannel dispensers and pipettors. By measuring the depth of the liquid in the well, you can determine the volume of liquid dispensed. Even 96- or 384-channel dispensers can be tested in a matter of minutes. No need for dyes. Detect volumes as low as 100 µl in 96-well standard microplates, 30 µl in half-area or 384-well microplates, and 4 µl using a liquid addition method in half-area well microplates.      
The Best Performance by Design      
The SpectraMax optical system is the only multichannel design that truly mimics a dual-beam spectrophotometer. Each sample has a discrete sample beam and reference beam so that each well is measured directly, eliminating error due to variations in light output between the fibers. The 9 channel system (8 for the microplate and 1 for the cuvette port), consisting of 9 sample beams and detectors and 9 reference beams and detectors, delivers both superior precision and speed of reading across the microplate through 4.0 OD.
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Features of SpectraMax Plus 384
  • Full spectral range: 190 - 1000 nm, tunable in 1 nm increments.      
  • Superior performance: 2 nm bandwidth provides exceptional accuracy and linearity for the widest range of assays—just what you expect from your spectrophotometer.      
  • Speed read mode: reads 96-well microplates in just 5 seconds and 384-well microplates in 16 seconds for ultra fast sample throughput.      
  • Patented* PathCheck® Sensor reports the microplate data as standard 1 cm cuvette values.      
  • Early ADME compound profiling assays      
  • SoftMax® Pro for Windows® or Mac™ OS      
  • Streamline GLP/GMP Compliance      
  • SoftMax® Pro Validation Package      


Essentially, all UV/VIS spectrophotometric assays that are read in a conventional spectrophotometer or microplate reader can be read in the SpectraMax Plus384:      

  • DNA/RNA/protein quantitation and purity      
  • Colorimetric assays      
  • ELISAs/EIAs      
  • Immunoassays      
  • Drug dissolution profiles      
  • Enzyme kinetics (e.g., Ki, Km, etc.)      
  • Kinetic turbidimetric methods      
  • ADME-Tox assays      
  • Lipophilicity assays      
  • Human Serum Albumin binding assays      
  • Permeability assays (PAMPA)      
  • Solubility assays
General Specifications
Bandwidth2 nm
Depth 38 cm
Height22 cm
Detection ModeAbsorbance
Width 58 cm
LightingXenon flash lamp
Photometric Range0.0 to 4.0 OD
Weight30 lbs
Wavelength Range190 to 1000 nm
Scanning SpeedNormal Mode: 96 wells in 9 seconds, 384 wells in 29 seconds; Speed Read Mode: 96 wells in 5 seconds, 384 wells in 16 seconds
Wavelength SelectionMonochromator, tunable 1.0 nm increments
Microplate Size384-well
Additional Specifications

Photometric Performance      
Wavelength accuracy: < ± 1.0 nm      
Wavelength repeatability: ± 0.2 nm      
Photometric resolution: 0.001 OD      
Photometric accuracy (microplate): < ± 0.006 OD ± 1.0%, 0.0 - 2.0 OD      
Photometric accuracy (cuvette): < ± 0.005 OD ± 1.0%, 0.0 - 2.0 OD      
Photometric precision: < ± 0.003 OD ± 1.0%, 0.0 - 2.0 OD      
Photometric baseline flatness: < 0.001 OD      
Stray light: < 0.05% @ 230 nm      
Temperature uniformity (microplate): ± 0.5 °C @ 37 °C

  • Molecular Devices Spectramax Plus 384 Absorbance Microplate Reader

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