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Molecular Devices - SpectraMax M2 / M2e

Manufactured by  Molecular Devices
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Multi-Detection Readers with Dual-Mode Cuvette Port

SpectraMax M2 and SpectraMax M2e from Molecular Devices are multi- detection microplate readers with dual-monochromators, dual-mode cuvette ports and top- and bottom-reading capability (top-reading only on SpectraMax M2). Detection modalities include absorbance (UV-Vis Abs) and fluorescence intensity (FI). The systems have optical performance comparable to a top-of-the-line dedicated spectrophotometer or spectrofluorometer and can read 6- to 384-well microplates. Endpoint, kinetic, spectrum and area-well scanning read types and the Molecular Devices PathCheck Sensor allow homogeneous and heterogeneous microplate assays to be performed in one flexible system. SpectraMax M2 readers provide for easy conversion and optimization of very-low-throughput to medium-high-throughput assays, faster, more precise results and reagent savings. In addition, combined absorbance and fluorescence intensity assays can be run by issuing a single read command.
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Features of SpectraMax M2 / M2e
  • Multi-detection capability    
  • Top- and bottom-read (M2e only)    
  • Dual-mode cuvette port    
  • Dual monochromators    
  • PathCheck® and well volume sensors    
  • Instrument and software validation    
  • Robot compatible    

Dual monochromators    

With SpectraMax M2 / M2e, there is no need for expensive filters. The system uses two scanning monochromators to determine optimal excitation and emission settings. Changing methods or fluorophores requires only a few mouse selections to optimize the system.    

Instrument and software validation    

The SpectraTest™ ABS1 absorbance and SpectraTest FL1 fluorescence validation packages allow validation of optical characteristics. The SoftMax Pro Software Validation Package and IQ/OQ/PQ validation protocols provide tools for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.    

Robot compatibility    

SpectraMax microplate readers are the number one choice of our robotic partners. The plate carriage design has no springs or clamps, and its robotic communication interface makes integrating custom applications straightforward.     


  • DNA / RNA / protein quantitation and purity    
  • PicoGreen® / NanoOrange™ / Bradford    
  • ELISAs / enzyme kinetics (i.e., Km, Ki, etc.)    
  • Drug dissolution profiles    
  • Live/Dead® Viability / cytotoxicity assays    
  • Caspase-3 and protease assays    
  • CatchPoint® cAMP assays
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