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UPLC transforms the expectations of laboratories worldwide

The ACQUITY UPLC System eliminates significant time and cost per sample from your analytical process while improving the quality of your results. By outperforming traditional or optimized HPLC, this technology allows chromatographers to work at higher efficiencies with a much wider range of linear velocities, flow rates, and backpressures.     
UPLC Technology, which has been adopted successfully in laboratories around the world for the most demanding separations, is highly robust, dependable, and reproducible. What differentiates the holistic design of ACQUITY UPLC systems is Waters’ patented sub-2-Μm hybrid particle chemistry, which offers significant benefits over today's HPLC systems equipped with standard 5-Μm particle chemistries.     
The ACQUITY UPLC System, used on its own or paired with Waters optical and MS detection technologies, provides unique end-to-end solutions for all industries and applications, including: ADME screening, food safety, bioanalysis, clinical, metabolite identification, metabonomics, method development, opens access, and routine quality screens.     
Since its invention, ACQUITY UPLC Technology has enabled analytical chemists to reach far beyond conventional HPLC separations.
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Features of ACQUITY UPLC
  • Comprehensive system components, including the ACQUITY UPLC® Sample Organizer, Column Manager and Heater/Cooler, Binary Solvent Manager and Sample Manager, for customized throughput and condition requirements      
  • Easy HPLC to UPLC method conversion with the ACQUITY UPLC console calculator       
  • Support for existing HPLC methods       
  • Predictive system support with Connections INSIGHT® remote intelligent services       
  • Chemistries and formats to suit specific analytical tasks, including ACQUITY UPLC 1.7 µm columns, VanGuard pre-columns or ACQUITY UPLC HSS and HSS T3 1.8 µm columns      
  • Extended detection capabilities with ACQUITY UPLC Fluorescence (FLR), Tunable UV (TUV), Photodiode Array (PDA), and Evaporative Light Scattering (ELS) detectors to single, tandem, and time-of-flight mass spectrometers      
  • Easily compatible with third-party MS solutions (ABI/MDS SCIEX, Bruker Daltonics, and Thermo Fisher Scientific)
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