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V Blender - YM-4>  The Pharmag V Blender YM-4 operates by raising the product beyond the angle...

V Blender - YM-4   
The Pharmag V Blender YM-4 operates by raising the product beyond the angle of repose such that successive layers of products are exposed to a constantly changing plane of shear and a sliding free surface. The unique geometry of the “V” cone provides a simultaneous axial or cross flow of particles by the dividing and recombining of the mass as it flows into and from the two arms of the rotating blender. In practise this produces a tumbling, rolling and folding action resulting in a highly efficient mix in a minimum of time. This action is particularly useful in products requiring the break down of agglomerates. The high degree of dispersion provided by this process lends this mixer to applications where the physical properties of the materials used in the blend tend to cause segregation under tumbling conditions.   
The stainless steel cone has a operating capacity of about 4 L with a normal mixing time of about 5 to 10 minutes. The two access ports and one discharge port are sealed with a simple easy-release cap. The efficiency of the mixing action is determined by the speed of the UAM Motor Drive operating at a range of 0-50 rpm. The YM-4 is attached by the UGD Universal Gear to the UAM Motor Drive.
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