Anton Paar - Animo 5100 Beer analysis by integrated module

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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All-in-one quality control for cost-efficient online beer monitoring

Animo 5100 is a modular measuring system which delivers all critical quality control parameters from the beer filling line. It integrates the high-quality online sensors, analyzers, and mechanical components needed for precise and safe operation.

By providing project engineering, system design, installation support, and commissioning Anton Paar makes the all-in-one package complete.

It doesn’t matter whether a new line is built or an existing line is upgraded with the latest sensor technology, Animo 5100 fits seamlessly with every environment and infrastructure.

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Features of Animo 5100 Beer analysis by integrated module

6 weeks from site survey to productive quality control

Available as a highly integrated skid-mounted system or as a modular system installed alongside the existing pipe work Animo 5100 is seamlessly integrated into new and existing filling lines.

Based on years of experience in online beer analysis Anton Paar provides a complete package of services such as engineering, installation, and commissioning. The integrated sensors and analyzers are ready for use without time-consuming commissioning and on-site adjustments. Pre-configured in the factory, they come with the right setup and calculation methods for your beer analysis.

A thorough site survey clarifying the specific environment and infrastructure, pre-configuring of the modules and components in the factory, and the service package make project realization times of down to 6 weeks possible.

In order to be suitable for upgrading and refurbishing projects Animo 5100 is an open system, capable of being adapted to existing infrastructure and integrating components provided by the customer.

A central access point to all critical quality parameters

The built-in mPDS 5 evaluation unit is the gateway to all sensors and calculates the key quality parameters needed for beer analysis. You can operate the system and carry out analyses directly at Animo 5100. Quality parameter reports are generated and managed from the desktop by using the evaluation software Davis 5. Data exchange with the control system via one single fieldbus of your choice ensures robustness of data communication and reduced effort for wiring.

Zero out-of-spec products in your package line

You can now focus on process quality control as you get reliable real-time values and traceable result data. The sensors and analyzers of Animo 5100 provide the highest accuracy and repeatability for measuring key parameters such as CO?, O?, °Plato, alcohol, and many more. Access to all critical quality parameters in real-time allows optimum control of the production process. Self-diagnosis and error management for all integrated sensors ensure data integrity. With the included PC software Davis 5 result data storage, analysis, visualization, reporting, and statistical evaluation are possible directly from an office desktop.

No hassle with adjustment and calibration

All sensors and analyzers are handled via the mPDS 5 evaluation unit and evaluation software Davis 5. Calibration activities are controlled and operators are guided through the procedures. All calibration activities and results are stored in the database of Davis 5 so traceable calibration data quality is guaranteed.

By automating the data transfer from the laboratory to Animo 5100, transcription errors are avoided and the calibration workflow is well-documented. As lab analyzing systems are directly connected with Anton Paar’s Animo 5100, calibration and adjustment are automated and manual operator interaction is reduced to a minimum.

Annual maintenance effort of less than a day

Animo 5100 uses maintenance-free sensors as standard and needs a minimum of consumables. The preventive maintenance routine essentially can be reduced to inspection, calibration, and parameter clean-up.

Anton Paar’s global service network is at your disposal for application support and on-site service.

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