Anton Paar - DMA™ 4100 M density meter

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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Humidity, air pressure, changing users? This smart density meter is up for the challenge.

DMA™ 4100 M delivers the 4-digit density values you need and is not affected by your working environment and workforce. It applies the patented Repeated Fade-out Method to deliver the most stable density results based on comprehensive knowledge of the oscillation characteristics. This method results in viscosity correction which is twice as effective as anything else available on the market. The integrated camera allows you to check the filling procedures of your operators at any time and also at the end of the working day. The patented condition monitoring ensures that frequently changing users with differing filling approaches, humidity, temperature fluctuations, air pressure, and instrument condition all have no effect on the operation and results – built-in intelligence for your convenience.
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Features of DMA™ 4100 M density meter

A revolutionary density measuring principle for quick and easy quality control       

The unique design of the measuring cell, a novel way of evaluating the oscillation characteristics, and many other innovative features lead to the following:       

Unaffected by harsh working conditions       

  • Stable results under varying conditions, such as humidity, temperature and air pressure       * Housing withstands shocks, dirt, and spillages       * Frequently changing users and filling styles do not influence the measurement results        

    Supervise all filling procedures and be alerted if there is an error       * The U-View™ camera feature displays and stores live images of the oscillating U-tube sensor and the entire filled-in sample       * Relevant images with the sample fully and clearly visible are stored in the data memory        * Later review of these images guarantees completely transparent measurement processes       

    Automatic bubble detection       * Monitor your sample handling with the FillingCheck™ that detects filling errors, gas bubbles and particles in the sample        * FillingCheck™ generates and records filling warnings       * U-View™ and FillingCheck™ supervise the entire measurement sequence and allow later verification of the results, which is particularly useful when using automatic sampling systems       

    Touchscreen for premium user experience       * The only density meter with PCAP touchscreen technology for unmatched sensitivity and robustness at the same time       * Easy operation, even when wearing gloves       * Large screen, readable from a distance due to adaptable font sizes

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