Anton Paar - Beverage Carbonation Measuring Module: CarboQC ME

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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The CarboQC ME measuring module> determines the true amount of dissolved carbon dioxide in beverages. In...

The CarboQC ME measuring module determines the true amount of dissolved carbon dioxide in beverages. In addition, the amount of other dissolved gases is identified and their influence eliminated. Combine a CarboQC ME module with a wide range of Anton Paar instruments to get the beverage analysis you need in one measuring cycle, with minimum sample preparation required. This teamwork brings quick and efficient results and saves space in the lab. The measuring module can only be used in the Anton Paar Generation M measuring systems PBA-S, PBA-SI, PBA-SD, PBA-B, and PBA-W.
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Features of Beverage Carbonation Measuring Module: CarboQC ME

Accuracy that speaks for itself

  • CO2 measurement based on the patented Multiple Volume Expansion method guarantees repeatability standard deviations of 0.005 vol.
  • No influence of other dissolved gases such as air or nitrogen

A strong partner

  • Low sample volume of around 150 mL provides reliable CO2 results, even out of very small packages
  • Knowledge of the true CO2 content is used to perform a CO2 correction of the measured parameter of density – no more degassing required
  • The PFD filling device transfers sample from the package into the measuring chamber without any loss of CO2

Fit for the future

  • The standard configuration for beverage analysis with a DMA™ Generation M density meter, CarboQC ME and PFD filling device is a secure investment
  • Anton Paar’s modular concept allows the flexible extension of measuring modules, e.g. Option O2 (Plus), pH ME, HazeQC ME, etc.
  • Measuring modules exactly suit your requirements
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