Anton Paar - Microwave Digestion: Rotor 24HVT80

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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Rotor 24HVT80> including 24 vessels with a volume of 80 mL is the perfect solution for the digestion ...

Rotor 24HVT80 including 24 vessels with a volume of 80 mL is the perfect solution for the digestion of environmental, agricultural and food samples up to a sample volume of 50 mL.

Full reaction control is achieved without the need for any optional sensor. Overpressure inside the vessels is safely released via SMART VENT technology and the internal temperature of each vessel is determined and controlled via a contactless IR sensor implemented in Multiwave PRO.

Employing this new Rotor 24HVT80 enables the reliable digestion of samples with different reaction behavior in the same run.

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Features of Microwave Digestion: Rotor 24HVT80

SMART VENT technology

  • New pressure-activated-venting concept which enables precise and reliable pressure control in each vessel
  • Overpressure related to reaction gases is safely released and removed by the system
  • Enables the digestion of the highest sample amounts

Save time

  • Easy-to-handle screw cap sealing for easy tool-free vessel handling and simple cleaning
  • The special design of the rotor and the vessels allows rapid heating and cooling even in a fully equipped rotor

Save money

  • Continuous, low-intensity cooling during a run increases the vessels’ lifetime
  • Minimized number of accessories required

Run standard methods

  • Temperature-controlled digestions without the need for any optional sensor
  • Filling volume of 55 mL, perfect for EPA 3015A, ASTM D4309 and EN ISO 15587-2
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