Anton Paar - Microwave Evaporation: Rotor 8EVAP

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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Rotor 8EVAP is an innovative accessory for microwave evap...

Rotor 8EVAP is an innovative accessory for microwave evaporation with the modular Multiwave PRO microwave sample preparation system. It greatly simplifies and accelerates the microwave-assisted evaporation of acids and concentration of aqueous sample solutions in 8 vessels simultaneously.Prior to digestion, sample solutions can be reduced in volume in order to increase analyte concentrations and improve digestion efficiency. After the microwave digestion, acids can be removed directly from reaction vessels under controlled clean room conditions. Acid vapors are safely exhausted to an external scrubber and neutralized.

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Features of Microwave Evaporation: Rotor 8EVAP
  • No liquid transfer required – evaporation directly in the digestion vessel
  • Reduced evaporation time due to fast microwave heating
  • Clean room conditions prevent risk of contamination
  • Process control through IR sensors
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