Anton Paar - Anton Paar Bioindenter™ (UNHT3 Bio)

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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The nanoindentation tester for soft and biological materials

The Anton Paar BioindenterTM is the ideal nanoindentation tester for characterizing the mechanical properties of tissues and soft materials from the human body. It is especially designed for research on soft biological materials, for example soft tissues. Rely on the Bioindenter's unmatched force and displacement range together with excellent resolution for the most sensitive characterization of elastic modulus, creep and other properties of cartilage, tissues, scaffolds, hydrogels or eye tissues.

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Features of Anton Paar Bioindenter™ (UNHT3 Bio)

Anton Paar Bioindenter™: Dedicated to your research

Investigations with the Anton Paar BioindenterTM result invaluable conclusions on the mechanical behavior of very soft biological materials. This can be especially important when it comes to gaining a better understanding of the human body, e.g. for improving diagnosis, developing new drugs, engineering tissues and much more. For these aspects, the Bioindenter is equipped with special features for the testing of biomaterials, such as the ability to perform controlled force versus depth measurements. Furthermore, the Bioindenter provides surface detection via change in contact stiffness and measurement protocols especially adapted to biological materials.

The indentation procedure: Optimized for your measurements

The Anton Paar BioindenterTM offers a wide choice of indentation procedures including standard, advanced and cyclic indentation modes. Different matrices like simple matrix, advanced matrix and visual matrix for statistical evaluation and customized indentations are possible. User-defined indentation profiles can be established. The convenient contact point determination makes the Bioindenter an instrument you will like to work with.

The measurement system: A class of its own

The measurement unit of the instrument itself is designed for high-precision measurements. The integrated true force sensor is able to apply a maximum load of up to 20 mN. The displacement sensor allows a large travel range. Furthermore, the Anton Paar BioindenterTM provides good thermal stability to study creep and flow properties. The provided microscope comes with long working distance objectives. The motorized precision table enables movements in the X,Y and Z directions for the ideal positioning of the sample.

Software: The key to your results

With the powerful but easy to handle software, you have full control of the indentation procedures (load, displacement, etc.). The results are automatically analyzed and a statistical module for fast overview of your the data and results is also provided. User-defined ASCII exports can be made and multiple users can work with the instruments with controlled access rights. The elastic modulus can also be calculated from the loading part of the indentation curve using the Hertz’s model, which is more appropriate for biological materials than the commonly used Oliver & Pharr approach.

Different kinds of indenters: The choice is yours

The Anton Paar BioindenterTM works with different kinds of indenters depending on your materials and needs. There are spherical indenters with radii from 0.01 mm up to 0.5 mm and larger, flat-punch (flat-ended cylinder) indenters, Berkovich indenters, Vickers indenters, cube-corner indenters, and also custom-made indenters to suit even the most demanding applications (large radii spheres, cylinders, etc.).

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