Anton Paar - Oxidation stability tester: RapidOxy 100 Fuel

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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Patented RSSOT - Rapid Small Scale Oxidation Test

RapidOxy 100 Fuel - the only RSSOT on the market - investigates the fuel oxidation and performs stability tests on spark ignition fuels, diesel fuels ranging from pure diesel (B0) and diesel/FAME (fatty acid methyl esters) blends (B-B99) to pure biodiesel (B100), and also heating oils. This oxidation stability tester fulfills standard methods ASTM D7525, ASTM D7545, and EN 16091 for fuel analysis. Only 5 mL of sample is required, making it ideal for testing costly antioxidants.

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Features of Oxidation stability tester: RapidOxy 100 Fuel

Shortest time to results

  • Results with excellent precision in a fraction of the time compared to other oxidation stability methods
  • Excellent reproducibility and repeatability
  • Unique and fully automatic measuring principle: RSSOT = Rapid Small Scale Oxidation Test
  • Measuring range up to 180 °C
  • No sample preparation necessary

All-in-one system for fuels

  • In full compliance with ASTM D7525, ASTM D7545, EN 16091, and IP 595
  • Spark ignition fuels
  • Diesel fuels: Diesel (B0), diesel/FAME blends (B1 to B99) and pure biodiesel/FAME (B100)
  • Heating oils
  • Maximized user safety whatever your sample

Effortless operation

  • Preset programs for standard methods
  • Large 5.7‘‘ capacitive touchscreen in a modern design
  • Pressure curve monitoring on the display during measurement
  • Live display of temperature, time, and pressure
  • Fast and effortless cleaning of the test chamber with soft paper tissue and ethanol

Space-saving benchtop instrument

  • There is space for RapidOxy 100 Fuel in every lab.
  • Very small footprint (200 mm x 400 mm) and a height of 250 mm
  • Easy to handle (and to move within the lab)
  • Low weight of less than 9 kg
  • Stand-alone instrument (no external PC required)

Low-waste, eco-friendly device

  • No chemicals other than ethanol needed for the cleaning process; no reagent waste
  • No chemicals needed for sample preparation
  • Increased energy efficiency; reaction times are up to 20 times shorter, which improves the overall energy efficiency of chemical processes
  • Small fuel sample amount of only 5 mL
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