Thermo Scientific - Novex XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell

Manufactured by  Thermo Scientific
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The Most Convenient, Versatile, Mini-Vertical Electrophoresis System.

The XCell line of mini-cells has always distinguished itself by being simple, sturdy, and convenient. With the introduction of the new XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell, the tradition continues. The incorporation of a gel tension wedge in place of the rear wedge used on earlier models makes the XCell SureLock™ the easiest-to-use mini-cell available.
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Features of Novex XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell

Easily Adapted for Blotting       The XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell can be easily adapted for blotting by inserting the current XCell II™ Blot Module in place of the gel/buffer core assembly.      

Upgrade the XCell II™ Mini-Cell       Conversion of an XCell II™ into an XCell SureLock™ is easy with the purchase of a SureLock™ Retrofit Kit (EI0020) consisting of a SureLock™ mini-cell, gel tension wedge, and molded mini-gel buffer dam.      

How the System Works       Pre-cast gels and buffer core are placed into the mini-cell lower buffer chamber. Pushing the lever on the gel tension wedge forward into the locked position generates an even horizontal force which seals the gel/buffer core assembly firmly into position in the lower buffer chamber (Figure 1). The positive locking action of the gel tension wedge ensures a trouble-free, leak-free gel run every time.

General Specifications
Gel Size8 x 8 cm
Gel Thickness1 mm or 1.5 mm
Tray Capacity2
Buffer Volume200 ml upper buffer, 600 mL lower buffer
Electropheresis TypeGel
Orientation (H/V)Vertical
Depth 11 cm
Height16 cm with lid on
Width 12 cm
Additional Specifications

Chemical Resistance: The XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell is impervious to most alcohols but not compatible with chlorinated hydrocarbons (e.g. chloroform), aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g. toluene, benzene), or acetone.      
Combs: 1 well, 2D well, 5 well, 9 well, 10 well, 15 well, and 17 well

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