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The ALPHA II is a very compact FTIR spectrometer for quick, easy and reliable IR analysis. The design of its hard- and...

The ALPHA II is a very compact FTIR spectrometer for quick, easy and reliable IR analysis. The design of its hard- and software are highly integrated for an intuitive and convenient operation.     
All spectrometer components are built for continuous availability and a long life time. Bruker’s permanently aligned RockSolidTM interferometer and the reliable diode laser guarantee an accurate and precise data acquisition. Thanks to the CenterGlowTM IR source technology and a temperature controlled detector the ALPHA II provides a constantly high performance. The need for maintenance is minimized and running costs are kept very low as a result of long lasting relevant components like interferometer, IR source and laser. A wide range of QuickSnapTM sampling modules is available for the ALPHA II, providing a perfectly matching measurement setup for a large variety of samples and applications.     
OPUS provides the right software user interface for the most efficient FTIR analysis. From measurement to evaluation to the final analysis report the user is guided through the analytical workflow in just a few steps. Therefore,the ALPHA II is easily operated even by spectroscopic inexperienced personnel. Powerful but easy to use functions for verifying and identifying IR spectra and performing quantitative analysis are included in the software.     
The option to use the ALPHA II with the OPUS-TOUCH software on an integrated touch panel computer makes your daily routine analysis even simpler. Moreover, the footprint of the complete system is reduced to that of a laptop.
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General Specifications

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Additional Specifications

Spectrometer housing: Rigid and durable metal housing     
Interferometer: Permanent aligned RockSolidTM cube corner interferometer for highest stability;     
insensitive to mirror tilt, mechanical vibrations and temperature variation;     
guaranteed lifetime of 10 years     
Optics: • Sealed and desiccated     
• Mirrors: Gold coated for highest efficiency in the Mid-IR spectral range     
• KBr windows and beamsplitter;     
option “High Humidity” optics with ZnSe beamsplitter and ZnSe windows     
Calibration laser: Diode laser with high wavenumber accuracy and precision, long life time     
(10 years guaranteed) and low power consumption.     
IR source: CenterGlowTM technology for continuously optimized light flux, SiC Globar,     
long lifetime (5 years lifetime guaranteed)     
Detector: High sensitivity temperature-controlled DLaTGS-detector, high stability against     
external temperature changes     
Spectral range: • 350 – 8,000 cm-1, with standard KBr beamsplitter     
• 500 – 6,000 cm-1, option: „High Humidity“ ZnSe optics     
Signal-to-noise ratio: Typically >55,000:1 (1 min measurement time, spectral resolution 4 cm-1)     
Spectral resolution: Better than 2 cm-1, optional better than 0.75 cm-1, free adjustable resolution     
from 0.75 cm-1 to 256 cm-1     
Wavenumber accuracy: .     
Certificates are available.     
• The IVU allows complete qualification of all measurement modes (transmission,     
ATR, reflection) using official reference standard materials     
Instrument qualification: • Fully automated test routines for operational and performance qualification (OQ, PQ)     
• Fully automated test routines for instrument qualification according to     
PhEur 2.2.24, PhJP 2.25 and USP using an integrated certified reference     
standard (option)     
• Validation manual and validation service for comprehensive system qualification     
according to GMP available     
Regulatory compliance: ALPHA II complies with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) requirements. Further     
validation options are available allowing operation of the ALPHA II in full compliance     
to cGMP/GMP, US, European and Japanese Pharmacopeia and 21 CFR Part11     
Computer interface: Integrated touch panel PC (option), remote control via WLAN     
(option, e.g. for use in glove box)     
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 10     
Spectrometer power: 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, 20 W (low energy consumption)     
Mobility: Transport case and trolley, rechargeable battery pack, adapters for powersupply     
via car or truck, tripod mounting     
Dimensions: ALPHA-P (ATR): approx. 208 x 330 x 260 mm     
ALPHA-T (Transmission): approx. 208 x 310 x 140 mm     
ALPHA with panel PC: approx. 267 x 340 x 340 mm     
Weight: Approx. 7 kg (without panel pc)     
Approx. 10 kg (with panel pc)     
Software: Data acquisition, control, evaluation and reporting with ALPHA II is performed     
using the validated all-in-one OPUS software     
• Guided step-by-step analysis for quality control applications     
• Spectra comparison method for material verification     
• Library search for material identification     
• Mixture analysis, information search, peak search (OPUS/SEARCH required)     
• Free starter library with more than 350 spectra     
• User specific library set-up     
• Peak labelling     
• Quantification method (Lambert-Beer‘s Law)     
• Peak integration function (area, height)     
• Automated water vapor compensation     
• Data pre-processing routines, such as baseline correction     
• Multimedia FTIR tutorial     
• Spectra interpretation tool     
• Automation capabilities     
• Macro functionality     
• Lab journal     
• Analytical report generation with predefined print layouts, customizable     
• Easy export of spectral data and evaluation results to other programs     
• Option to store spectral data and evaluation results either in an internal or a     
user-defined database

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