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Your first step into controlled separation

You routinely purify your samples on an open glass column and have to cope with a limited resolution and a long separation time. As a first step towards automation, we offer two small systems: the “Easy Synthesis” and the “Easy Extract” systems allow you to control the flow rate and the eluent composition.
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Features of Sepacore Easy Purification Systems

Improved separation 

  • Optimized separation efficiency using gradient elution * Controlled separation with precise monitoring of eluent composition * Increased purity of the collected fractions 

    Time and money saving * Reduced elution time with controlled flow rate and solvent composition * Smaller fraction volume for a faster evaporation * Decreased purification cost due to lower solvent consumption * Cost effective initial investment with upgrade possibilities 

    Easy and safe * Intuitive control of pumping parameters * Minimized solvent exposure

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