PG Instruments - T80 Series

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UV/Visible Double Beam Spectrophotometer with a wavelength range of 190 - 1100nm

Standalone use with built in LCD display and keypad allows Photometric, Spectrum Scanning and Quantitative programs and printing options. Alternatively full instrument functionality, control and data acquisition can be achieved with UV/Win 5 PC software. The instrument is supplied with an 8 sample position motorised cell changer with a single reference position. Supplied with 2 matched quartz cells and a spare tungsten halogen lamp. Various optional accessories available for a variety of applications.
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Features of T80 Series
  • Accurate Analysis: Holographic grating greatly reducing stray light of the instrument and making the analysis more accurate.
  • Stable Performances: The double beam optics ensures good stability
  • High Speed Measurement: The fastest scanning speed is over 1000nm.
  • Powerful Function: The main unit of the spectrophotometer can analyses for photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, spectrum scan, DNA/Protein analysis and can print data. When connected to a computer the Spec UV software adds many additional functions, such as 3D spectrum analysis, GLP laboratory protocol. It can be applied in fast pesticide remain detection, environment protection, inspection and quarantine and other fields.
  • Convenient Operation: High degree of automation, the operator only needs to press keys twice when measuring ordinary samples.
  • Easily Upgraded: Many optional accessories enhance the flexibility and the measurement range of the instrument.
  • Easy Routine Maintenance: The simple mechanical structure and modular electrical design make the routine maintenance easy.
  • Original Technology: The deuterium and tungsten lamps can be easily replaced and are supplied pre-aligned. A motorized automatic 8-cell holder is supplied as standard which is particularly useful for the determination of pesticides.
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