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Powder and granulate tester for flowability characterization.

The PF1 powder flow tester has been specifically designed for standardized testing in full compliance with Pharmacopeia requirements as laid down in USP and Ph. Eur. 2.9.36. Its optimized design allows for different, yet easily repeatable test conditions and methods for powder flow characterization. Change-over between configurations is simple with quick-change components that do not require any additional tools.     
Angle of Repose     
The "Angle of Repose" test allows evaluation of the flow properties of solids based on the shape of the cone. By measuring the cone height on a standardized platform, the angle of repose (in degrees) can be easily calculated to classify the powder (e.g. based on the range classification according to Carr). To form a symmetrical cone on the platform, the height of the orifice through which the powder passes can be fixed – or varied as the pile forms.     
Flow through an orifice with cylinder setup     
Using the Cylinder setup is ideal to determine the flow rate of “powder moving over powder”. This method eliminates the effect of the container material on test results. 20 serial-numbered discs with different orifices allow for variation of the flow-through opening diameter as described in USP , Ph. Eur. 2.9.36, and other harmonized Pharmacopeia.     
Flow through an orifice with funnel setup     
To simulate the flow of powder moving along the wall of a container or hopper in a production situation, flow through an orifice type tests with funnel are performed. The PF1 configuration includes a funnel in the form of a truncated cone with 3 different nozzles to standardize test conditions. Results are recorded in either "Volume per time" or "Mass per Time" with an analytical balance.
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Features of PF1
  • Three different standardized flowability tests for characterization of powders and granulates     * Flow through an orifice with funnel or cylinder and angle of repose type tests     * Robust stand with two easily height-adjustable arms (quick-lock without any tools)     * Allows to flexibly use either a stirrer or a filling funnel without having to remove any components     * Integrated timer starts & stops automatically when opening /closing the shutter     * Simplified "Mass per Time" measuring with laboratory balance     * Optimized for fast and trouble-free cleaning
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