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Manufactured by  Sotax Corporation
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Cap torque tester for open & close type tests and reporting.

Proven torque tester for repeatable measuring of opening & closing torque of bottle caps including child-resistant closures. Custom-made cap adapters avoid undesired effects of clamping or applying additional pressure on bottle caps during measuring. A motorized drive ensures repeatability and highly accurate turning movements. 
Open & close torque. 
The TM200 is a torque measuring instrument specially designed to work on bottle & pump caps. The exact determination, especially of the opening torque, provides reliable assurance and documentation that bottle caps have been closed with appropriate force. A high-precision load cell located in the main unit continuously measures the torque throughout the testing process. 
Repeatable precision. 
A motorized drive unit eliminates inconsistencies that would otherwise occur with manual twisting of bottle caps. Caps can be automatically opened and closed with constant and repeatable velocity. For testing child-resistant caps, a defined downward force is exerted on the cap under test, that can be precisely set by the operator. 
Cap adapters. 
Universal membrane cap adapters can be utilized for the majority of caps with a flat top – minimizing the necessary number of adapters. Molded cap adapters that are custom-made to the specific shape of a cap eliminate additional pressure typically caused by clamping or other cap fixtures that may influence torque readings.
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Features of TM200
  • Reliably measures open & close torque * Can apply downward force for child-resistant closures * Quick-change cap adapters, universal or custom-made to the specific shape of a cap or pump * Universal self-centering bottle holder accepts small bottles to large jugs * Motorized drive for repeatable movements * Print test protocols and calibration reports * Calibration with traceable reference weights
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