Anton Paar - Diet Beverage Analyzing System

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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The most affordable solution for diet beverage analysis

Anton Paar's Diet Beverage Analyzing System is the ideal solution for your diet drink. The system determines the %Diet concentration in diluted diet syrups and degassed final beverages. Combine the master instrument with Anton Paar's diet module for your daily beverage quality control in the production process. For automated filling and/or cleaning, the Diet Beverage Analyzing System can be upgraded with different types of sample changers. Benefit from a unique solution for your individual requirements.

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Features of Diet Beverage Analyzing System

Analyze all kinds of diet syrups and degassed beverages

Simply combine DMA 4500 M with a DietQC ME for a detailed diet beverage analysis to get the full range of vital parameters. Your options are endless: You can also choose the most accurate density meter in the world, DMA 5000 M, to measure turbid samples, DietQC ME with the option for uncolored drinks, or a module for pH determination. The Diet Beverage Analyzing System is also applicable for sugared soft drinks.        

With only one measuring system, you can cover your whole soft drink portfolio.

Be ready for future requirements in beverage quality control

With the Diet Beverage Analyzing System, you can easily automate your measurements. Anton Paar’s sample changers free you from spending too much time on standard tasks: Choose Xsample 320 for automated filling of a single sample and Xsample 520 to fill up to 96 samples in a row. Xsample 330 not only fills the sample automatically, it also performs a cleaning routine right after the measurement to keep the instrument measuring accurately over a long time.

In case you want to get results for CO2 in your final product, Anton Paar also has the right solution for you: Simply upgrade to the Packaged Beverage Analyzer for soft drinks.

The most accurate results for the analysis of diet beverages

Make the most out of your soft drinks and reach maximum efficiency in your production. When measuring diet beverages, DietQC ME with integrated absorption measurement guarantees reproducible results with a minimum of reference measurements. The Diet Beverage Analyzing System with an integrated DMA 5000 M provides highly accurate density values, based on the patented Pulsed Excitation Method, and is the high-end solution for turbid samples.

Maximum level of usability

DietQC ME can be connected to the master instrument (either DMA 4500 M, DMA 5000 M, or Soft Drink Analyzer M, depending on your requirements) which has a number of intelligent features to make your daily life in the lab easier: FillingCheck™ confirms the bubble-free filling of the density and sound velocity measuring cell. If there is a problem with the filling, FillingCheck™ generates and records filling warnings. The state-of-the-art 10.4” PCAP touchscreen is robust yet sensitive. Measurement reports can be printed out in a standardized layout or the data can be transferred to your individual data system for full traceability of the measurements.

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