Anton Paar - Kinematic viscometer: SVM 3001

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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Wide-range viscometer for unparalleled flexibility

Whether you want to certify jet fuel or diesel, measure lubricants or heavy fuels, or classify crude oil, SVM 3001 is the best solution for your application. All samples can be measured with one integrated cell from -60 °C to + 135 °C. The Peltier temperature control enables fast heating and cooling rates and the embedded PC provides a wide range of automatic calculations including bias-corrected ASTM D445 results, API grades, viscosity index, and more.

Enjoy unlimited applications with the power of SVM 3001.

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Features of Kinematic viscometer: SVM 3001

Experience the all-rounder for a wide temperature range

The outstandingly wide temperature range of SVM 3001 (from -60 °C to +135 °C) enables you to use the instrument as a low- and high-temperature viscometer. Temperatures down to -20 °C can be reached without external cooling, making it ideally suited for jet fuel certification. Additionally, SVM 3001 provides fast heating and cooling rates of up to 20 °C/min, enabling time-saving operation and exceptionally fast temperature scans to investigate the temperature behavior of your samples.

One measuring cell – all samples

With SVM 3001, there is no need for multiple baths and capillaries to measure different samples. Get all the flexibility you need in a single instrument. With only one measuring cell, SVM 3001 covers the entire viscosity, density, and temperature range, enabling you to measure a wide variety of samples. Benefit from the most flexible viscometer on the market.

Multiparameter measurement

Besides viscosity you can determine multiple other parameters from just one syringe and reduce your workload to a minimum. Need to classify your crude oils according to API grades? SVM 3001 has you covered. Parameters measured by SVM 3001 comply with the following industry standards:

  • Kinematic viscosity (ASTM D7042, EN 16896, DIN 51659-2)
  • Density (EN ISO 12185, ASTM D4052, IP 365)
  • Dynamic viscosity (ASTM D7042)
  • API grades (ISO 91, API 2540, ASTM D1250, IP 200)
  • Viscosity index (VI) (ASTM D2270)

Full compliance with all necessary specifications

SVM 3001 complies with a multitude of standards and specifications, fulfilling all necessary regulations in order to ensure that highest product quality requirements are met. These include:

  • Jet fuel (ASTM D1655, Def Stan 91-91, JIG AFQRJOS)
  • Diesel fuel oils (ASTM D975)
  • Biodiesel blends (ASTM D975, ASTM D7467)
  • Fuel oils (ASTM D396, ASTM D6823, ASTM D7666)

With the implemented bias corrections (developed by ASTM), the user can report D445 results while enjoying all the benefits of measuring with an SVM according to ASTM D7042.

Cost-effectiveness and sustainability at its best

In addition to its unparalleled flexibility, SVM 3001 also helps you cut solvent and disposal costs. Thanks to the unique patented measuring cell design, the instrument requires only small volumes of solvent for cleaning (min. 1.5 mL). As no external cooling device is required for measurements at temperatures as low as -20°C, SVM 3001 also saves valuable lab space. While delivering superior temperature performance, the SVM viscometer consumes much less energy than a typical capillary bath, regardless of whether you are measuring jet fuel viscosity at -20°C or wax viscosity at +135°C. As a result, the smart viscometer provides you with the best ROI on the market.

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