Anton Paar - Kinematic viscometer: SVM 2001

Manufactured by  Anton Paar
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The most economic kinematic viscometer for a large variety of samples

SVM 2001 allows for easy and fast viscosity measurements from 15 °C to 100 °C, from fuels and lubes to used oils. Simply fill the sample from a syringe and start the measurement to get the results within a few minutes. Cover the full viscosity range from 0.2 mm²/s to 30 000 mm²/s with one single measurement cell - no need to change capillaries. For easy cleaning and maintenance, the measurement cell is accessible for cleaning without any tools thanks to its patented design.

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Features of Kinematic viscometer: SVM 2001

Viscosity measurement made easy

When testing diverse samples like used oils, finding the appropriate capillary can be a tedious task due to their limited viscosity range. SVM 2001 on the other hand covers the entire viscosity, density, and temperature range with one single measuring cell, turning the search for the right capillaries into a thing of the past. Even the viscosity index (VI) of lubricants and in-service oils can be measured from one syringe within a single measuring cycle. Inject your sample and SVM 2001 does the rest, measuring at two different temperatures successively and automatically calculating the VI.

Eco-friendliness at an affordable price

SVM 2001 offers great value to price-conscious users, while still outperforming all competitors on the market.

Not only does SVM 2001 make viscosity measurements smart and simple, it also requires just a small volume of sample and solvent for cleaning (min. 1.5 mL), which lowers solvent and disposal costs. In contrast to glass capillary viscometers, the high-performance kinematic viscometer SVM 2001 does not require a liquid bath and cooling equipment, meaning it saves energy and space.

Great results with little effort

Installation, operation, and maintenance of SVM 2001 are incredibly easy. The factory-adjusted instrument is ready to measure immediately after start-up. Thanks to the patented motor concept, access to the measuring cell is tool-free, which enables convenient cleaning when measuring heavily contaminated samples, such as used oils. The optional magnetic particle trap removes magnetic particles from the sample, ensuring good quality measurements.

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