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The SciVario twin is a next-generation bioprocess controller that evolves together with you. In a fast-changing field...

The SciVario twin is a next-generation bioprocess controller that evolves together with you. In a fast-changing field like the modern biotechnology, working with a system that supports your needs now  and in the future  is indispensable. With a new intuitive user-interface and highly innovative hardware and software it enables flexibility for process optimization and a readiness for the digital age.
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Features of SciVario twin
  • Customizable and flexible thanks to the innovative bay-drawer concept for further extension & reconfiguration * Integrated digital sensor technology (Mettler Toledo ISM® and Hamilton ARC®), supporting analog sensors for pH and DO and optical DO sensors * Variable speed pumps for accurate liquid addition and operation in batch and fed-batch mode * Wide range TMFC to allow for individual mixing of air, N2, O2, and CO2 to headspace and/or submerged aeration * Parallel operation of 2 glass and/or BioBLU® single-use bioreactors, in any combination of vessel types, independently run or in parallel * Suitable for cell culture and microbial fermentation * VisioNize-onboard: intuitive and exciting new user interface supporting efficient and intelligent process control * Compact design, 16-40 cm of benchspace needed per vessel * Cable management guides for a clean and tidy setup * Temperature control block for advanced and user-friendly temperature control or temperature control via heat blankets and cooling fingers (benchtop bioreactors) * Compatible with DASware® control software
General Specifications

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Additional Specifications

Bacteria/Yeast/Fungi: yes 
Insect: optional 
Interchangeable Vessels: yes 
Mammalian/Animal: yes 
Plant/Algae: optional 
Stem cells: optional 
Validatable: no 
Power supply: 100??240 V, 50/60 Hz 
Max. power consumption: 1,750 W 
Dimensions (W?×?D?×?H): 30.6?× 34?× 75?cm?/ 12.0?× 13.4?× 29.5?in 
Weight w/o accessories: 37.4 kg 
Vessels: Glass/single-use vessels 
Total volume: 1.3 L to 4.3 L 
Drive: Direct/magnetic overhead drive 
Speed ranges: 60??1,600?rpm/25??1,250?rpm 
Gas supply: TMFC; overlay and/or sparger 
Standard gas flow rates: 0.1??1,200?sL/h 
Standard gas mixing: Air, N2, O2 and/or CO2 
Feed lines per vessel: 5 
Standard feed rates (depending on tube diameter): 0.005??600?mL/h (small pump), 4.5??5,200?mL/h (large pump) 
Monitoring and Control  
Exhaust condensation: Liquid-free (Peltier) or water-based

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