Organomation - NITRO-GEN-20 Nitrogen Generator

Manufactured by  Organomation
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The NITRO-GEN 20 produces up to 20L/min of nitrogen gas and is recommended for evaporation of up to 48 sample positions.

The NITRO-GEN generator was developed with Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators in mind to provide nitrogen generation for sample concentration. The generator is lightweight and easy to set up, requiring only a source of compressed air to run. This unit is an ideal choice for labs with an in-house compressed air source.

The generator uses a hollow-fiber membrane to convert compressed air to a stream of 95-99% pure nitrogen gas. The hollow-fiber membrane consists of a series of narrow, semipermeable tubes in a porous membrane. As compressed air travels through the fibers, oxygen and water vapor permeate the membrane and are vented off, leaving a steam of high purity nitrogen gas. At up to 99% purity, the resulting nitrogen gas stream can be used in a variety of sample preparation applications.

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Features of NITRO-GEN-20 Nitrogen Generator
  • Adjustable outlet pressure regulator, 0-100 psi
  • Dual Stage clean air filtration system
  • Requires an oil-less compressed air source
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