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LUMISTAR Omega dedicated luminescence microplate reader.

The LUMIstar® Omega is BMG LABTECH's powerful dedicated luminescence microplate reader, providing highly sensitive flash and glow assay readings. This DLReady-certifiedmicroplate reader can also come equipped with Simultaneous Dual Emission for BRET applications, and can be further upgraded to a multi-mode reader. 

The LUMIstar Omega is a dedicated reader for luminescence measurements, including BRET. It provides highly sensitive readings of all luminescence applications in end-point and kinetic assays. Moreover, a built-in filter wheel and the optional Simultaneous Dual Emission detection make multiple wavelength detection and BRET applications possible. 

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Features of BMG Labtech - LUMIstar Omega
  • Flash, glow and BRET assays
  • Measurements in up to 384-well plates
  • Top and bottom reading
  • Incubation up to 45 or 65 °C
  • Simultaneous Dual Emission
  • Well scanning with up to 900 data points per well
  • Injection at point of measurement
General Specifications

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Additional Specifications

  • Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU): provides the ideal environment for cell-based assays by regulating O2 and CO2 gas levels in the microplate reader
  • Filters and Optic Modules: standard filters from 240 - 850 nm, filters and Optic Modules optimised for specific applications, and bespoke solutions are available
  • Microplate Stacker: optimises microplate handling and increases throughput by providing rapid loading, unloading, restacking, and continuous feeding for up to 50 microplates
  • Evaluation Plate: validates the optical functionality of BMG LABTECH microplate readers for quality control and/or qualification (IQ/OQ) purposes

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