Glen Creston - McCrone Micronising Mill

Manufactured by  Glen Creston
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One of the most effective means of grinding to sub-micron sizes.

The McCrone Micronising Mill rapidly reduces samples by a unique vibratory grinding action. Each element within the grinding vessel moves with respect to its neighbour so as to produce linear contact blows and planar shearing.  
One of the most effective means of grinding to sub-micron sizes. Suitable for:  
  1. Carbides  
  2. Nitrides  
  3. Borides  
  4. Cement  
  5. Clay  
  6. Shale  
  7. Mica  
  8. And many other materials  
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Features of McCrone Micronising Mill
  • Minimizes sample damage & contamination  
  • Virtually no sample loss  
  • Virtually no chemical degradation  
  • Narrow product particle size distribution  
  • Reproducible results  
  • Minimal maintenance  
  • Bench mounted  
  • Timer up to 30 minutes  
  • Choice of grinding elements  
  • Wet and dry grinding  
  • Rapid results (3 - 30 minutes)
General Specifications
Feed MaterialsCarbides, nitrides, borides, cement, clay, shale, mica and more
Max. Feed Particle Size0.5 mm
Mill TypeMixer Mill
Motor1/30 HP
Operating PrincipleVibratory laboratory mill
Sample SizeUp to 4 mL (or 20 g if particle density is 5 g/mL, or 4 g if particle density is 1 g/mL)
TimerUp to 30 minutes
Typical Grinding Time2 - 30 min on wet grinding runs (depending on the fineness of product required and the fineness, volume and grinding resistance of the starting sample)

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