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Able to detect and quantify complex multiple component manufacturing samples and final product on the production floor.

The PATROL™ UPLC® Process Analyzer is a real-time Process Analytical Technology (PAT) System that detects and quantifies complex multiple component manufacturing samples and final product directly on the production floor.    
Designed with the same enabling technology that drives the ACQUITY UPLC® System, PATROL UPLC moves existing liquid chromatography (LC) analysis from off-line Quality Control (QC) laboratories directly to the manufacturing process, resulting in significant improvements in production efficiency:    
  1. Delivers real-time analysis in step with manufacturing processes     
  2. Provides the selectivity, sensitivity, and dynamic range of LC analysis     
  3. UPLC’s fast resolving power quickly quantifies related and unrelated compounds     
  4. Reduces process cycle times, so that more product can be produced with existing resources     
  5. Enables manufactures to produce more material that consistently meet or exceeds the product specifications, potentially eliminating variability, failed batches, or the need to re-work material     
  6. Assures end-product quality, including final release testing    
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Features of PATROL UPLC Process Analyzer

Take control of your process    The PATROL UPLC Process Analysis System is specifically designed for in-process analysis, delivering simultaneous qualitative and quantitative information and allowing you to dynamically adjust and control your process. Continuous system uptime and remote access from any location gives you confidence that your process is under control and within design space   

The impact on your business    Rely on results that improves operational efficiency, deliver quantifiable ROI, and increase profits.   


  • Process recoveries and yields   * Brand integrity due to quality improvements and faster delivery   * Consumer satisfaction   * Process understanding   

    Reduces:   * Process cycle times   * Process and product variability   * Product rework   * Bottlenecks   

    Bringing UPLC to your processes - overcoming past challenges    Spectroscopic technology may provide real-time identity information about processes, but it lacks the ability to simultaneously monitor multiple components at different levels, and does not provide the quantitative analysis, sensitivity, linearity/dynamic range, and resolution that UPLC provides.   

    UPLC provides a fast and easy-to-use method that generates real-time data, filling the gap where the slower HPLC technique has traditionally come up short as the online and automated analytical tool desired by process chemists.

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