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Robust UPLC analyses in a familiar workflow are available with the Open Architecture UPLC System’s flat-bed sample manager and open-access software.

The Waters Open Architecture UPLC® System allows chemists in discovery labs who share LC and LC/MS systems to easily access the robust resolution and throughput performance of ACQUITY UPLC® with limited changes to their existing workflow.  
The Open Architecture UPLC System, featuring a programmable open-bed 2777C or 2777 Sample Manager, enables chemists to:  
  1. Easily walk up to the instrument, log-in, insert vials, initiate an analysis, and obtain results via email in quick turnaround times  
  2. Execute generic screening methods faster and at higher resolution  
  3. Use UPLC’s higher-quality data to make better-informed decisions about new chemical entities more quickly, and with more confidence  
  4. Maximize the number of analyses per synthetic chemist that can be performed per day  
The key feature of the Open Architecture UPLC System is its incorporation of the Waters EverFlow™ Injection Valve in the flat-bed sample manager platform, which enables the instrument to operate reliably at high pressures and low dispersion volumes – over a lifetime of 100,000 injections. This allows medicinal chemists to take full advantage of high flow rates, maximum pressure, and fast cycles required by high throughput applications, including:  
  1. Reaction monitoring  
  2. Compound verification  
  3. Fraction purity checks  
  4. Final product analysis  
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Features of Open Architecture UPLC

The Open Architecture UPLC® System introduces the benefits of UPLC technology into the high throughput, open-access environment where multiple system users can enter samples for analysis using robust methods and get results quickly. Discovery laboratories can gather data from multiple channels, including MS, UV, PDA, ELS, and analog sources.  

System configuration:  

  • ACQUITY UPLC® Binary Solvent Manager  
  • ACQUITY UPLC Column Manager or Heater/Cooler  
  • 2777C or 2777 High Pressure Sample Manager  
  • ACQUITY UPLC Column Chemistries  
  • ACQUITY UPLC PDA, TUV, and/or ELS detectors  
  • SQ Detector  
  • MassLynx™ Software with OpenLynx™ Application Manager  

The high-pressure 2777C/2777 Sample Manager, incorporating the EverFlow™ Valve, functions robustly to match the ACQUITY UPLC System's injection cycle times of less than two minutes with minimized carryover. Tens of thousands of injection cycles can be performed at 15,000 psi for consistently high flow rates and throughput, without deterioration between scheduled performance maintenance events.  

The system is integrated into MassLynx Software using the OpenLynx Open Access interface, which streamlines sample introduction and method selection for chemists, while giving system administrators complete visibility and control of the instrument's operating parameters. Waters' Open Access software enables chemists to work with more trace component information regardless of their ability to set up the instrument:  

  • Chemists can easily submit sample batches to a system for UPLC/MS/MS quantitation while Open Access QuanOptimize™ automatically tunes the MS prior to analysis  
  • Open Access Exact Mass allows non-expert users to submit samples and receive a report outlining the most likely chemical formulas for their compound
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