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UV detection, optimized for UPLC/UHPLC separations

The ACQUITY UPLC TUV Detector is a tunable, dual wavelength ultraviolet/visible (UV/Vis) detector that offers optimal linearity, resolution, and sensitivity for UPLC/UV separations. It features uniquely designed, patented, light-guiding flow cell technology, low-noise performance (6 ΜAU), and support for data rates up to 80 Hz.   
The ACQUITY UPLC TUV Detector, coupled with our innovative ACQUITY UPLC Column chemistries and separations modules, leverages ultra-low dwell volume and low-noise, high-speed detection to bring productivity, sensitivity, and resolution that are unprecedented in HPLC techniques being used in the laboratory today.
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Features of ACQUITY UPLC TUV Detector

The ACQUITY UPLC TUV Detector provides performance benefits for both routine and complex analyses in pharmaceutical, life science, environmental, agricultural, energy, and petrochemical applications.   

  • Wavelength Range from 190 to 700 nm   * Linear dynamic range that extends more than 3.5 orders of magnitude   * Wavelength accuracy of ± 1 nm to ensure precise detection wavelength   

    Features   * Maximum signal-to-noise response enabled by light-guiding flow cell technology, which eliminates internal absorption, for minimal bandspreading and maintained concentration   * High sensitivity for low-level detection for simultaneous quantitation of major and minor components   * Intuitive set-up, monitoring, and diagnostics with a customizable instrument console for both Empower and MassLynx Software   * Independent optimization of data rate and filter time constants for the accurate integrations of narrow, sharp peaks typically characterized by UPLC

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