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Combines the resolution, sensitivity, and speed of UltraPerformance technology with single quadrupole MS detection.

The ACQUITY® SQD combines the resolution, sensitivity, and speed of UltraPerformance® technology with single quadrupole MS detection. Designed specifically for chromatographers performing UPLC®/MS analysis, it offers a simple yet powerful solution for multi-tasking, fast-paced laboratory environments – with robust and reliable performance, and walk-up operation for any expertise level.  
The ACQUITY UPLC® System’s ability to produce narrow peaks and spectral quality from the ACQUITY SQD allows easy identification of compounds in applications, including:  
  1. Peak purity and impurity profiling  
  2. Syntheses confirmation  
  3. Product deformulation  
  4. Enhanced method development with molecular weight-based peak tracking  
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Features of ACQUITY SQD
  • Interactive diagnostics software for worry-free system and fluidics optimization and performance checks with IntelliStart™ Technology  
  • 1 pg sensitivity with either ESI or APCI  
  • 10,000 Da/sec scan speeds up to 2,000 Da for full compatibility with seconds-wide UPLC peaks  
  • Simple upkeep and minimal bench space requirement  
  • Dual orthogonal sampling ionization with ZSpray™ source  
  • Rapid polarity switching and multi-mode ionization with simultaneous APCI and ESI for comprehensive compound analyses in a single injection, with ESCi® Technology  
  • Multiple detection strategies available with supported Tunable UV (TUV), Photodiode Array (PDA), and Evaporative Light Scattering (ELS) optical detectors  
  • Control and data acquisition with Empower™ or MassLynx™ Software  
  • Optional APPI(Atmospheric Pressure PhotoIonization)  
  • Optional application managers available  

Key Technology  

Rapid data acquisition capability:  

  • To make the most of your ACQUITY UPLC® System, the SQ Detector operates at the highest data acquisition rates (utilizing fast scanning data acquisition, multi-mode ionization, and rapid polarity switching technologies)  

Automated instrument optimization and quantitative method development tools:  

  • IntelliStart™ Software automates setting up the MS hardware (mass resolution, mass calibration, ion source optimization) and the process of developing compound-specific SIR data acquisition methods  
  • QuanOptimize™, a sophisticated, optional software package, is available for comprehensive automation of the entire process of quantitation (method setup, data acquisition, data processing, and reporting)  

Versatile Range of robust ionization options:  

  • Robust dual orthogonal API source (ZSpray™): Maximizes source longevity, protects against dirty samples, and allows easy removal and cleaning of source elements without breaking vacuum  
  • Ionization options include: electrospray and multi-mode ionization capability (standard), atmospheric chemical ionization, and dual-mode atmospheric pressure photo-ionization / atmospheric chemical ionization interface  

Comprehensive software control and applications:  

  • MassLynx™ MS Software or Empower™ 2 CDS Software solutions suit your analytical requirements  
  • Optional OpenLynx™ Application Manager provides walk-up access to non-expert users for UPLC/MS applications  

Intelligent Services Delivery Platform  

  • Connections INSIGHT® intelligent services provides on-demand, remote diagnostics and online help for your LC/MS system.  

Linearity and Precision are Superb  


Broad quantitative linearity is demonstrated over a range of 1 pg to 2,000 pg on-column for reserpine.  


High quantitative reproducibility is shown for 10 pg reserpine injections on-column (n=20)  

Good Quality MS Information     

The ACQUITY® SQD provides more quality information about your samples in less time. The SQ Detector delivers 10,000 Da/sec scan speeds and interscan delays as low as 20 msec to accommodate the narrowest UPLC peaks.  

IntelliStart Technology  

IntelliStart™ Technology automates system setup so that non-expert users can acquire data with confidence that the system is operating optimally.   

An integrated system of fluidics, electronics, and software continually monitors system performance. Through a series of diagnostic checks, the MS detector can report when it is ready for use. Any failures trigger a red-light system status, which warns that action may be required before analysis can proceed.  

IntelliStart Technology:  

  • Resolves system alerts  
  • Autotunes and calibrates the system, optimized for your analysis  
  • Automatically generates SIR methods with ease using integrated fluidics  
  • Reports on your LC/MS system performance
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