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Zeta Potential Analyzer

The Brookhaven ZetaPlus is the simplest and most accurate particle electrophoresis system available. This revolutionary instrument has been designed to eliminate the shortcomings inherent in other zeta potential instruments. The ZetaPlus software is simple and intuitive to operate but yet offers flexibility and a full range of means for those who wish to tune their experiments to specific circumstances.

The screen image shown below indicates the clear and concise presentation. Information obtained from the sample is updated in real time and the user can select from several display formats. A Literature of physical constants for many usual suspending fluids is provided but the user may provide his/her values if desired. Printed reports are fully customizable and are provided in color with the supplied printer.
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Features of ZetaPlus

Features Include:

  • Accurate, rapid, easy to use
  • One piece, easy-fill disposable sample cells
  • No cell alignment or calibration
  • Temperature control, 6 - 100 °C
  • Customizable reports, SPC charts,
  • two-parameter plots, graphical overlays
  • Can resolve multi-modals
  • Upgradable with PALS for 1000x sensitivity
  • Built in automatic procedures and parameters
  • Integrated computer
  • Upgradeable to include full particle sizing functionality

Typical Applications

  • Liposomes and biocolloids
  • Ceramics and refractories
  • Pigments and inks
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Emulsions (foodstuffs, cosmetics)
  • Wastewater treatment monitoring
  • Latexes
  • Carbon blacks
General Specifications
Depth 445 mm
Height267 mm
Width 635 mm
Weight37 kg
Additional Specifications

Type: Most colloidal samples suspended in water or polar solvents.
Size Range: Material dependent, For electrophoresis 0.005 to 30 microns; For particle sizing <0.0006 to 6 microns.
Volume: 1 mL to 1.5 mL, optional 10 µL for particle sizing only.
pH Range: 2 to 12.
Conductivity Range: 0 to 700 mS/m.
Mobility Range: 10-9 to 10-7 m2 /V.s
Temperature Control: 6 °C to 100 °C, ±0.1 °C, active control. No external circulator required.
Measurement Duration: 1 to 4 s/cycle, typically 10 cycles/run.
Laser: nominal 35 mW (raw laser power), 50 mW available option.
Field Strength: 0 to 3.2 kV/m, automatically or by user selection.
Electrodes: Palladium with acrylic supports; for reactive samples. Palladium electrodes with solvent resistant supports are available.
Cells: Disposable plastic; glass.
Input Power: 100/115/220/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 300 Watts.
Certifications: CE Marked
Dimensions: 267(H) x 635(W) x 445(D) mm. (excluding monitor and printer)
Weight: 37kg. (excluding monitor and printer)

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