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The premier high-content screening software enabling hundreds of assays using a simple, intuitive interface.

High-content image analysis software featuring time lapse analysis. 
MetaXpress® High-Content Image Acquisition and Analysis Software is a comprehensive solution for high-content analysis featuring a tightly orchestrated and integrated workflow. The portfolio of application modules supports a range of needs from ease-of-use through to proprietary assay design. The software includes powerful and elegant tools for 2D and 3D imaging such as time lapse analysis. With the assistance of our acquisition setup wizard, you’ll be generating data in minutes. 
Z-stacks and 3D volumetric analysis 
The integrated acquisition and analysis application modules for 3D cell models simplify high-throughput quantification of 3D structures with volume, intensity, and distance measurements. 
Fast acquisition and analysis 
Easily captures fast biological functions with our patented fast frame rate that can capture 50 frames per second. A 1-color, 384-well plate analysis can be performed in a little as six minutes. 
Intelligent segmentation 
Application modules feature turnkey image segmentation for label-free and fluorescently labeled images. The Custom Module Editor offers advanced tools for improved segmentation. 
Scalable parallel processing 
MetaXpress PowerCore™ Software runs analysis routines in minutes. This optional module leverages the power of parallel processing to accelerate analysis. 
Data management solution 
MDCStore™ Data Manager, included with MetaXpress software, organizes images, experimental information, and data analysis. It enables seamless manipulation of complex sets of images and metadata. 
Advanced informatics 
AcuityXpress™ High-Content Informatics Software is an optional enterprise level platform for advanced data mining, analysis, statistics, and visualization. It shares the MDCStore database for seamless integration. 
Other features and benefits include: 
  • Acquire and analyze in 2D and 3D 
  • Streamline image analysis 
  • Design custom analyses easily
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    Features of MetaXpress High Content Image Acquisition & Analysis Software

    Image acquisition protocol wizard provides fast and simple acquisition by stepping you through the image acquisition process and its optimization.   

    • Objective and sample selector lets you choose from a wide variety of supported objectives and samples. To make sure you can visualize unique phenotypes, MetaXpress Software supports objectives from 1 to 100X with the highest numerical aperture and allows you to set up acquisition of virtually any sample on any plate with SBS footprint or on microscope slides.   
    • Interactive display of sites to easily configure acquisition sites and capture rare events using optimal settings.   
    • Industry-leading laser autofocus provides the fastest focusing available to compensate for focus drift produced by temperature fluctuations, gravity, viscosity changes in immersion media, vibration, plate irregularities, and biological variability.   
    • Adaptive acquisition algorithm decreases sample read times on difficult, heterogeneous samples by acquiring a desired number of cells before moving on to the next well.   

    Integration to a complete high content analysis workflow to handle the high content screening data deluge.   

    • MDCStore Data Management Solution is the key to ensuring that all imaging data generated is securely stored and fully accessible from the first image acquired, to years of usage.   
    • AcuityXpress Software reduces the time it takes to interpret high content screening data with the unique ability to connect data to the original images, integrating the high content screening workflow to high end data analysis and visualizations tools.   
    • MetaXpress® PowerCore Software harnesses the power of parallel processing to analyze images faster than they are acquired, thereby eliminating image analysis bottlenecks.
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