Arizona Instrument - Computrac® Vapor Pro® Rx Moisture Analyzer

Manufactured by  Arizona Instrument
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Designed to Test Lyophilized Materials!

The Computrac® Vapor Pro® Rx Moisture Specific Analyzer uses relative humidity sensor technology to accurately determine water concentrations in pharmaceutical materials.

Durable and easy to operate, the instrument does not require reagents or specialized glassware used for Karl Fisher Titration, and is suitable for both the production floor and laboratory environments.

Arizona Instrument provides comprehensive services, including Technology Transfer, IQ/OQ/PQ, on-site service, sample testing, and calibration.

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Features of Computrac® Vapor Pro® Rx Moisture Analyzer
  • Temperature Calibration Interface (TCI) Module (optional)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant (optional)
  • No Toxic Reagents or Specialized Glassware
  • Automatic, Menu Driven Operation Requires Minimal User Skills
  • Automatic Sample Loading
  • Self-Diagnostics Alert Operator of any Instrument Problems
  • Security Feature Restricts Access to Program and Instrument Settings
  • Optional Multi-Point Temperature Calibration Module utilizes NIST-Traceable RTD to ±1°C
  • Validation Package and Validation Services Available
  • Real-Time Graph of Moisture Curve and Rate of Moisture Loss
  • Accuracy, Durability, Reliability, Consistency and Speed
  • Continuous Display of Test Time, Current Temperature, Programmed Test Temperature, Current Microgram Water Measurement, and Calculated Moisture Content
  • Statistical Features Calculate Mean, Standard Deviation and Coefficient of Variation (C.V.)
  • Easy Setup of Product Methods to Ensure Optimum Test Results
  • Flexible Ending Criteria to Ensure Accurate Test Results
  • Programmable Temperatures to ±1°C
  • Accepts Multiple Vial Sizes
  • Maintains Sealed Vial Integrity
General Specifications
Depth 14.5 in
Height5.75 in
Width 18 in
Weight19 lbs
Additional Specifications

Sample Size: Dependent upon content of vial  
Vial Size Range: 0.5-1.5" diameter, 1.2-2.5" length / 13-37 mm diameter, 29.5-65 mm length  
Resolution: 1 ppm  
Moisture Range: 100 ppm to 100% (dependent on sample size)  
Results Display: % Moisture, ppm Moisture, or µg Water  
Ending Criteria: Predict, Rate, Time, and Time then Rate  
Heating Range: 25-275°C, set in 1°C increments and maintained to ±1°C  
Test Parameter Memory: 102 Programs  
Program Identification: Alphanumeric and/or symbols; programmable prompts for lot or product ID numbers  
Test Result Memory: Data from last 30 tests  
Statistical Calculation: Mean, Standard Deviation, and Relative Standard Deviation  
Interfaces: RS-232 (9-pin standard) for balance or PC interface; Parallel Printer (LPT-PC 25-pin standard); 5 pin DIN connector for 101 key PC keyboard  
Marks: U.S. and Canadian Underwriters Laboratory; European Communities - CE

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