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The ICS-3000 Reagent-Free™ IC system with Eluent Generation provides a wide range of powerful capabilities.

The ICS-3000 Reagent-Free™ IC system with Eluent Generation provides a wide range of powerful capabilities. From advanced autosampling technologies, including well plate capability, to dual-electrochemical, mass spectrometry, and optical detection capabilities, the ICS-3000 high performance IC system allows chemists to save time, labor, and operating costs while increasing the productivity and reproducibility of any IC application. The ICS-3000 Automation Manager provides access to complex multiple-valve configurations for sample preparation and derivatization. The wide variety of ICS-3000 modules enables you to configure a highly flexible system to produce the results you need.
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Features of ICS-3000
  • Autosamplers to cover automation needs from simple injections to complex sample preparation  * ICS-3000 SP and DP Pumps for highest performance separations  * ICS-3000 EG Eluent Generator for the benefits of Reagent-Free IC  * ICS-3000 DC Detector/Chromatography module, a high performance environmental chamber  * ICS-3000 TC Thermal Compartment for precise temperature control from 5 to 85 ºC  * Wide range of detectors   o ICS-3000 Conductivity Detector with advanced temperature control   o ICS-3000 Electrochemical Detectors for high sensitivity determination of difficult analytes   o ICS-Series VWD and Photodiode Array detectors for optical absorbance detection   o Mass Spectrometry detector for selective and highly sensitive analysis     * Dual-RFIC™ system configurations for high-throughput and complex applications  * Support for all of Dionex's wide range of high performance columns and accessories  

    The ICS-3000 brings extremely reproducible, stable, and sensitive ion chromatography to today’s laboratory. High flow rate accuracy, precise Eluent Generator gradient performance, and conductivity cell temperature control increase baseline stability and enhance sensitivity.

General Specifications
Flow Rate Range0 to 10 ml/min
Maximum Pressure5000 psi
Depth 19 in
Height14 in
Width 8.25 in
Power Requirements 90–265 V ac, 47–63 Hz
Weight45 lbs SP

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