Dionex - UltiMate 3000 Rapid Separation

Manufactured by  Dionex
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Ultrafast Analysis, High Resolution, HPLC to UHPLC Applications

The UltiMate® 3000 Rapid Separation LC (RSLC) systems integrate unique hardware features for ultrafast separations and excellent resolution on columns with small particles. In addition, they are characterized by a maximum level of reliability and flexibility.
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Features of UltiMate 3000 Rapid Separation
  • SmartFlow® pulsation-free flows at flow rates up to 8 mL/min at pressures up to 100 MPa (15,000 psi)  
  • High-pressure or low-pressure gradient proportioning  
  • Easily adjustable system gradient delay volume supporting a wide range of LC applications  
  • In-line split-loop injections for 15 second, no-sample-loss injections  
  • Column compartment temperatures up to 110 °C for reduced system backpressure  
  • Data collection rates up to 200 Hz with a wide range of optical detectors including three UV variants and fluorescence  
  • Full UV spectra data even at 200 Hz (diode array detection)  
  • Run both ultrafast separations and conventional LC methods
General Specifications
Injection Volume0.01 to 100 μL
UV/VIS Noise-8 AU at 254 nm (Wide slit)
UV/VIS Wavelength190 to 800 nm

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