Amerex Instruments - HA300MW

Manufactured by  Amerex Instruments
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Self-contained, portable top-loading autoclave

  1. Top loading design is ideal for the sterilization of media and other liquids in tall flasks and bottles.     
  2. Deep chamber for accommodating fermentors and bioreactors.    
  3. Space-saving, stand-alone unit occupies minimal floor space and can fit conveniently into many locations in the laboratory.    
  4. Full-count sterilization guarantees sterilization at the preset temperature and time. Timer pauses if chamber temperature falls 1°C below the preset temperature.    
  5. Liquid cycles with slow exhaust or natural cooling for liquids and solids without drying.    
  6. Agar sterilization mode for sterilizing agar and then automatically maintaining it at liquid temperature.    
  7. Full-count sterilization uarantees sterilization at the preset temperature for the preset time.    
  8. Micro-processor controlled for precise sterilization.    
  9. Audio/visual alarms and on-board diagnostics for rapid repair.    
  10. Timer range: 1 to 999 minnutes or continuous.    
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General Specifications
OrientationFloor Standing
Chamber Volume50 L
Depth 21 in
Height42 in
Width 17 in
Power Requirements 120V, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Peak Power2000 W
Weight185 lbs (shipping)
Additional Specifications

Display Range: 5°C to 129°C    
Operating Range (gauge): 3 to 22 psi (gauge)    
Sterilization: 1 to 999 minutes, or continuous    
SAFETY DEVICES Over-pressure power cutoff, over-temperature power cutoff, low-water power cutoff, mechanical pressure relief valve, over-current detector and circuit breaker    
1. For agar: Sterilization -> Slow Pulse Exhuast -> Warming -> Completion    
2. For agar: Sterilization -> Natural Cooling -> Warming -> Completion    
3. For liquids: Sterilization -> Slow Pulse Exhaust -> Completion    
4. For Solids: Sterilization -> Natural Cooling -> Completion    
5. For melting agar: Warming at 45°C to 80°C -> Completion    
Stainless steel: Mesh wire baskets, buckets (pails), and test tube rack

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