Beckman Coulter - Allegra X-12 Series

Manufactured by  Beckman Coulter
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Whether harvesting cells, separating blood components or other general separations

The Allegra X-12 Series will simplify the processes and save the time. Offering maximum capacity, this centrifuge is ideal for streamlining general separations. Perfect for clearing debris, Isolating mononuclear cells and pelleting mammalian cells. 
They feature a numerical keypad for easy and quick value entry, and they control temperature for up to 10 minutes after the rotor has stopped for walk-away flexibility. An automatic initial soft start ensures sample integrity. The centrifuges have a brushless induction drive, 10 user-defined programs, 10 independent acceleration profiles and 11 independent deceleration profiles, time options (set, hold, or pulse), the ability to toggle between display modes, the ability to set by rpm and RCF, automatic rotor identification, and an audible end-of-run tone. This not only saves time and labor but reduces the chance of contamination. CSA certified. CE marked.
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Features of Allegra X-12 Series

Skip Steps in Cell Culturing      

Directly centrifuge your cell culture flasks      

  • Save time and labor      
  • Eliminate 15 mL or 50 mL conical tubes      
  • Reduce a potential contamination step      

Complete Your Run–Even with Imbalance      

  • ARIESTM Smart Balance Rotor automatically corrects for imbalance      
  • Up to 50 grams opposing loads      
  • Eye balance your samples with confidence      

Save Time with a Truly Intuitive Interface      

  • Avoid scrolling      
  • User-friendly prompts
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Beckman Coulter - X-12

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