Metrohm - 904 Titrando

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Meet Metrohm's newest general purpose potentiometric titrator.

The 904 Titrando is designed with advanced technology and true convenience. It utilizes our popular Exchange Unit dosing system and features revolutionary Model 806 with built-in intelligence to recognize and remember all your reagent parameters for successful titrations each and every time. But here’s where the “true” convenience comes in: this Titrando accepts older Exchange Units—going as far back as 30 years—because we know those old workhorses are still out there, with years of dependable service left in them!
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Features of 904 Titrando

Simultaneous multiple modes for all of your analyses: With a second input board (sold separately) the 904 Titrando can simultaneously run two titrations or other measurement functions: DET dynamic endpoint seeking titrations, MET monotonic fixed increment endpoint seeking titrations, SET fixed endpoint and MEAS pH measurement modes along with standard addition modes for potentiometric measurement using Ion Selective Electrodes!  

Fully intelligent titration: The 904 Titrando features built-in intelligence—recording, storing and recalling all the info you need about your titrator and your titration when you need it. Smart Chips are built into all serial numbered portions of the instrument, from the Intelligent Dosing Units to the iTrode® intelligent electrode This built in intelligence saves you from having to record this information yourself and maintains complete traceability for your own GLP and standard government guidelines (like 21 CFR Part 11).  

Control options: Choose to control your titrations by Touch—the new 900 Touch Control features easy-to-use instant-access buttons and a large, easy-to-read screen—or by PC, using our powerful yet easy-to-use tiamo® software  

Safe & automatic reagent addition: Connect up to 4 dosing units for additional titrations, the aspiration and addition of solvents, standards or auxiliary reagents such as buffer or solubilizers. Because the addition is fully automatic, your handling of caustic and hazardous reagents is minimized, and there is no forgetting to add reagent at critical points of the analysis! Just hit start and walk away, you can work on something else while Titrando watches over your application for you.  

Super-accurate titrant and reagent dispensing: Our Dosino® dosing systems sport a patented “top-down” technology to eliminate the build-up of air bubbles (typical of “regular” dosing systems) which negatively impact results and reproducibility. And because these units actually sit on top of the bottle, they are a huge space-saver as well—doubly valuable for any lab short on bench space!

General Specifications
mV Resolution0.1 mV
pH Resolution0.001 pH
Titrator TypePotentiometric

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