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Enlightened pipetting

Liquid handling lies at the core of every life science experiment and a key to successful research is the ability to handle liquids with precision and efficiency.        
The PIPETBOY pro pipetting aid unites all essential characteristics for productive work with sero-logical pipettes: accuracy, speed and ergonomic design.
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Features of PIPETBOY pro

Accurate and fast filling of all pipette types         The accuracy of pipetting depends on precise graduations on the serological pipette and on the ability to accurately match the liquid's meniscus with the graduation mark. The PIPETBOY pro enables the user to very accurately displace liquid in the pipette by applying variable finger pressure on the pipettor triggers.        

Fully press the aspiration trigger to quickly draw liquid into the pipette until almost full, then gradually release the trigger to reduce speed and accurately match the meniscus to the graduation mark. Similarly, when dispensing, slightly press the trigger for drop-by-drop dispensing of liquid (gravity dispensing), or fully trigger the powerful pump motor for fast emptying of the pipette.        

Illumination of the work area         Adequate lighting is a prerequisite for error-free and comfortable pipetting. The LED integrated in the PIPETBOY pro provides an optimal illumination of the area around the pipette, ensuring accurate pipetting and preventing eyestrain. The LED         lights up only when pressing the pipetting triggers and automatically switches off after a few seconds. You can also turn off the illumination function completely if necessary. (Patent pending)                  Design matters         The PIPETBOY pro has been designed following the recommendations of hand shape ergonomics. The result is an extralight pipettor of 190 grams that comfortably fits in your hand and makes even prolonged pipetting effortless.        

To guarantee a firm grip of small and large pipettes alike, the pipette mount in the nose of the PIPETBOY pro has a special conical shape which can be inverted when a one or two ml pipette is used creating perfect stability.        

The PIPETBOY pro is available in five colors so that you can assign a specific color to a particular application and so avoid mix-ups. You can also simply pick your favorite one and brighten your lab.        

The PIPETBOY pro is powered by high-quality NiMH batteries (standard AAA type) that you can charge approximately one thousand times. When fully charged, the PIPETBOY pro can accomplish 4000 pipetting cycles of 25 ml each before it needs re-charching. Once the charge becomes nearly depleted, a red indicator light alerts you when batteries need to be charged.

General Specifications
Pipette TypePipette Controller
Weight190 g
Additional Specifications

Maximum pipetting speed:         
10 ml/s        
Presetting of speed (via thumb wheel):     
2 – 10 ml/s        
Pipette compatibility:         
glass and plastic pipettes with volumes from 1 to 100 ml        
Filter protection:         
0.45 µm (included) or 0.2 µm (order separately)        
Gravity dispensing:         
slight pressure on dispense button

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