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Revolutionary analytical performance. Outstanding image quality.

The Tecnai Osiris™ is a fully digital, high-performance 200kV S/TEM system, designed to deliver outstanding performance in all imaging and analytical modes. The combination of a high brightness field emitter and windowless EDX detection using Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology lead to unmatched count rates for a given beam current, significantly improved sensitivity for light elements and all in all smart detection of the generated analytical signals.
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Features of Tecnai Osiris™

X-FEG High Brightness Gun   X-FEG is an FEI-designed electron source that combines the benefits of a Schottky FEG (high total current, long-term stability and long lifetime) with the brightness of a Cold FEG, without increased vacuum requirements or tip-flashing. X-FEG delivers more beam current in small probes while keeping the convergence angle small. This provides improved signal-to-noise ratios in STEM and EDX/EELS, improved spatial coherence for holography and HRTEM, and higher lateral resolution in chemical analysis (EDX and EELS).  

Super-X Fast EDX Solution   Super-X is FEI’s proprietary EDX detector system with superior sensitivity and ultimate performance in EDX spectroscopy and fast EDX mapping. Four Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs) are perfectly integrated in the new A-TWIN (Analytical TWIN) objective lens and offer maximum collection efficiency with a solid angle of 0.9 srad. This large solid angle provides quick time-to-data even for low-intensity EDX signals. The high-sensitivity windowless system allows the detection of all elements down to and including boron. The collection time for elemental maps in fast-mapping mode can be reduced from hours to minutes or from minutes to seconds, compared to standard solutions.  

FS-1 Fast EELS Solution   The FS-1 is a new EELS spectrometer, exclusive to FEI, providing efficient data collection combined with full energy resolution. EELS provides complementary analytical information to EDX, since EELS is more sensitive to light elements, and EELS gives insight into chemical bonding and valence states which are not accessible via EDX.  

SmartCAM CCD Camera   The SmartCam, a high-speed digital camera, and its innovative user interface improve the handling of all applications and allow the user to work away from the microscope in an ergonomic environment.  

Multiloader Connectivity Solution   This solution provides a 10x reduction in thermal drift, due to loading a small metal cartridge (low thermal mass) containing the sample into the TEM, as opposed to a standard sample holder (large thermal mass). Net effect is a 10x reduction in time-to-data, as one would normally be waiting for the sample to stop drifting before imaging/analysis.

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