PerkinElmer - Pyris 1 TGA

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Get unsurpassed accuracy with the Pyris 1 TGA

Get unsurpassed accuracy with the Pyris 1 TGA As innovators in developing thermal analysis instrumentation and software, the Pyris™ 1 TGA is built on PerkinElmer's 35 years of experience. Our instruments provide the answers researchers need to solve tough industry problems.     
Our TGA embodies the next step in thermogravimetric evolution: simplicity and ruggedness in an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, automated system. Never before has there been a TGA more perfectly suited for demanding routine environments and R&D.
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General Specifications
Temperature Range50 to 1500 °C
Depth 60 cm
Height67 cm
Width 28 cm
Power Requirements 100 to 240 Volt, 50/60 Hz
Weight40 kg
Additional Specifications

TGA design:    
A vertical design with a high sensitivity balance and quick response furnace. The balance is located above the furnace and is thermally isolated from it. A precision hang-down wire is suspended from the balance down into the furnace. At the end of the hang-down wire is the sample pan. The sample pan’s position is reproducible.   
Sample Atmosphere:    
Static or dynamic, including nitrogen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide, air, oxygen, or other inert or reactive gases.   
Analyses done at normal or reduced pressures.   
Standard furnace    
Temperature Range: Subambient to 1000 °C   
Scanning Rates: 0.1 °C/minute to 200 °C/minute   
Temperature Precision: ±2 °C   
High temperature furnace    
Temperature Range: 50 °C to 1500 °C   
Scanning Rates: 0.1 °C/minute to 50 °C/minute   
Temperature Precision: ±5 °C   
Tare: Reproducible to ±2 Μg   
Sensitivity: 0.1 Μg   
Accuracy: Better than 0.02%   
Precision: 0.001%   
Capacity: 1300 mg   
Hang-down wires:    
High temperature quartz, nichrome, or platinum   
Sample pans:    
Standard Furnace: Platinum or Ceramic with capacity of 60 ΜL   
High Temperature Furnace: Platinum or Ceramic with capacity of 250 ΜL   
Sample mass range:    
Up to 1300 mg   
Forced air cooled with an external fan and internal booster purge   
Standard Furnace: 1000 °C to 40 °C in less than 15 minutes under normal operation   
High Temp Furnace: 1500 °C to 100 °C in less than 30 minutes under normal operation   
User control:    
Operates on Pyris software, fully tested on Windows® operating system.   
Hyphenated techniques Compatible with the Spectrum One as well as most other FT-IRs and mass spectrometers (MS).   
Gas switching:   
Fast, thorough and efficient due to reduced furnace volume. Less than 3 minutes to purge the sample area of ambient gases (remove 99% of oxygen) and replace the volume with an inert purge gas. 10 minutes to achieve a 99.99% oxygen-free environment.   
Quality assurance:    
Developed under ISO 9000

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