Netzsch - DEA 231 Epsilon

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Monitor for fast curing processes online.

The DEA 231 Epsilon has been replaced by the DEA 288 Epsilon 
For the investigation of fast curings (< 3 min), highly reactive thermosetting resin systems, composite materials, adhesives and paints, dielectric analysis (DEA) with the DEA 231/1 Epsilon has proven its worth. Versatile sensors are available for measurement of the ion viscosity.  
Because of its high data acquisition rate in the ms range, the single-channel DEA 231/1 Epsilon is predestined for online recording of very fast reactions such as UV curing or for the curing of SMC/BMC (sheet or bulk molding compounds).  
The DEA 231/1 Epsilon is ideal for process monitoring and optimization. For example, by setting a trigger signal via the CPC software, formed SMC parts are not ejected after a certain period of time as they customarily would be, but rather only after have reached a certain degree of cure, which is determined online from the ion viscosity or its first derivative. This means that cycle times can be shortened and production costs lowered.  
The DEA 231/1 Epsilon can also be connected to the dynamic mechanical analyzer DMA 242 C for simultaneous DMA-DEA analyses. The combination of these complimentary methods provides additional information for complete characterization of the crosslinking behavior of the reactive polymers.
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Features of DEA 231 Epsilon
  • Selectable single frequency  
  • Display of the measurement parameters phase, amplitude, loss factor (linear or logarithmic), permittivity (dielectric number, linear or logarithmic), tand as a function of time, temperature or frequency  
  • Added display of pressure and displacement (LVDT), if signals are available  
  • Calculation of the logarithm of the ion conductivity or the ion viscosity from the loss factor  
  • 1st derivative of the logarithm of the ion viscosity (reactivity)  
  • Graphic export as bitmap  
  • Data export in MS Excel or Proteus®
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