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Netzsch - STA 429 CD

Manufactured by  Netzsch
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The robust STA 429 CD can be equipped with side-mounted motorized hoists for the maximum-temperature 2400°C tungsten...

The robust STA 429 CD can be equipped with side-mounted motorized hoists for the maximum-temperature 2400°C tungsten furnace or for the Skimmer mass spectrometer coupling. In addition, top-mounted single and double hoisting devices for the different types of exchangeable furnaces provide for an extremely broad temperature range of -160°C to 1700°C.     As with all NETZSCH simultaneous systems, the TGA and STA sample carriers are equipped with a thermocouple for direct temperature measurement at the sample/reference crucible. Depending on the temperature range and application, a selection of different thermocouple types is available.     The sample carriers can be exchanged within a matter of seconds so that it is possible to switch between TGA and TGA-DTA or TGA-DSC measurements at any time.     The maximum-temperature TGA and TGA-DTA sample carriers are made of tungsten in the hot zone and have exchangeable tungsten-rhenium thermocouples. Because measurements are only carried out in pure gas atmospheres or under high vacuum, these proven sample carrier systems have a long service life in spite of the high temperature load.
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Features of STA 429 CD

TGA features:

  • Mass changes in wt% or mg      

  • Automatic evaluation of mass-change steps      

  • Calculation of mass/temperature values      

  • Calculation of residual mass      

  • Extrapolated onset and end temperatures      

  • Peak temperatures of the 1st and 2nd derivative of the mass-change curve      

  • Automatic baseline/- and buoyancy-correction      

  • c-DTA® for calculated DTA signal with evaluation of characteristic temperatures and the peak area (optional)      

  • Super-Res® for rate-controlled mass loss (optional)      

    DSC/DTA features:      

  • Characteristic temperatures:       -Determination of onset, peak, inflection and end temperatures      

  • Automatic peak search      

  • Transformation enthalpies:       -Analysis of peak areas (enthalpies) with selectable baseline and partial peak area analysis       -Enthalpy determination allowing for mass changes       -Complex peak analysis with all characteristic temperatures, area, peak height and half-width      

  • Comprehensive analysis of glass transitions      

  • Automatic baseline correction (TGA, DSC, DTA)      

  • Baseline subtraction      

  • Specific heat determination

General Specifications

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