Netzsch - DIL 402 E/7 Pyro

Manufactured by  Netzsch
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Reliable thermal expansion measurements up to 2800°C

The DIL 402 E dilatometer can be operated to 2400°C or 2800°C with the appropriate graphite furnace; optical pyrometers are applied for temperature measurement and control. In this mode, high-temperature resistant samples are tested in glass carbon sample holders under inert atmosphere or vacuum.

Operation to 2000°C is also possible using thermocouples for temperature measurement and control.

Graphite materials, high-temperature ceramics and refractory metals are among the application areas for this versatile, modular high-temperature dilatometer.
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Features of DIL 402 E/7 Pyro
  • Plotting of the absolute or relative expansion/shrinkage curves
  • Various correction options:
    • correction of the system’s own expansion behavior with either a calibration measurement or sample holder correction
    • offset correction
  • Semi-automatic routines for determination of onset, peak and end temperatures
  • Glass transitions and dilatometric softening points
  • Analyses in accordance with DIN (German standards)
  • Automatic softening point detection
  • Derivation of curves for determination of the temperature- or time-dependent linear expansion rates
  • Expansion coefficients: calculation and graphic presentation of the technical and physical expansion coefficients
  • Analysis of sintering temperatures
  • Automatic determination of the shrinkage during a sintering step
  • Rate-controlled temperature management for optimization of sintering (optional)
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