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CRYSTA 2000 Lab Water Purification System

For the most critical applications in polymerase chain reaction and high performance liquid chromatography, the CRYSTA 2000 lab water purification systems produce ultrapure Type 1 water. Using high performance 5000 Doulton Ultrafilters and Double Wavelength Ultraviolet Lamps, removal of pyrogens, RNase and endotoxins ensure that the purist lab water is used for scientific experiments. By producing only the purest Type 1 critical grade water, the CRYSTA 2000 is ideal for the most demanding scientific applications in PCR and HPLC.
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Features of CRYSTA 2000
  • Ultrapure polishing cartridges filter out trace contaminations  
  • One-button full auto sterilization of entire filtration system  
  • Internal recirculation function to limit bacterial growth and adhesion of contaminants to system  
  • Timed dispense mode for convenient walk away unattended operation  
  • One touch automatic dispensing option in multiple modes  
  • Real-time display of water resistivity, outlet temperature, total dissolved solid concentrations of inlet and outlet water, and remaining cartridge longevity  
  • Auditive alarm for cartridge change when resistivity drops below users preset values
General Specifications
Depth 36 cm
Flow Rate2 L/min
Height50 cm
Width 54 cm
Water Purification MethodOther
Weight25 kg
Shipping Weight25 kg
TOC3 ppb

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