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Your Dedicated Performer for Powder Diffraction

The D8 FOCUS is the key to the world of powder diffraction. Based on the D8 Series II technology, the D8 FOCUS meets our highest quality standards for uncompromising performance and data integrity. Hardware and software are optimized for easy operation, making the D8 FOCUS the ideal instrument for universities and multi-user laboratories alike.
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Features of D8 FOCUS

Simple choices for optimal performance

The focusing Bragg-Brentano geometry with slits provides the best resolution for flat powder samples. For irregularly-shaped samples and non-ambient measurements, the parallel beam geometry with a Göbel mirror is the optimum setup.

You need both? No problem! Optics and sample holders can be exchanged without tools or alignment.

Choose the detector for your application!

The standard detector is the scintillation counter, with high dynamic range and low internal background. If you have fluorescent samples, you can lower that background and increase the sensitivity using the energy dispersive SOL-XE detector.

You need fast results? Sure! The LYNXEYE linear detector can accelerate your measurements by a factor of up to 200!

What information do you get?

X-ray diffraction with the D8 FOCUS can identify and quantify the different phases inside a powder sample. For new materials, you can solve and refine the crystalline structure using the TOPAS software.

The same data also provides information on the crystallite size and the microstrain.

Adding a temperature chamber allows you to perform non-ambient investigations and observe phase changes.

General Specifications
Depth 1260 mm
Height2035 mm
Width 1400 mm
Power Requirements Single phase: 208 to 240 V,
Weight550 kg
Additional Specifications

Vertical Theta/2Theta geometry
Measuring circle diameter:
401 mm
Angular range (without accessories):
Max. useable angular range:
-110° < 2Theta = 168° (depends on accessories)
Angle positioning:
Stepper motors with optical encoders
Smallest addressable increment:
± 0.0001°
Maximum angular speed:
30°/s (depends on accessories)

Cooling water supply (without optional internal water chiller)
Flow: min. 4 l/min.,
Pressure: 4 - 7.5 bar with no back pressure,
Temperature:10 to 20 °C

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