Applied Biosystems - 3100 Genetic Analyzer

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3100 Genetic Analyzer

The 3100 Genetic Analyzer, a multi-color fluorescence-based DNA analysis system with 16 capillaries operating in parallel, offers high-quality data and efficient sample processing for the busy research lab

  1. Increase laboratory productivity by processing 96- or 384-well plates with a 16-capillary array.
  2. Obtain high-quality sequencing data at a lower cost by automating polymer and sample loading, and data analysis.
  3. Perform all your sequencing and genotyping applications quickly, accurately, and reliably on a single instrument.
  4. Choose from multiple polymers and capillary lengths.
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Features of 3100 Genetic Analyzer

Ideal for Mid- to High-Throughput Labs The versatile 3100 system gives you the superior performance of our fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis technology in a compact instrument optimized for higher data quality, throughput, and reliability. Obtain fast, accurate results – and lower project cost across the complete range of sequencing and genotyping applications.

Hands-Off, Consistent Runs Increase run-to-run consistency and save time and labor by automating everything from polymer loading to data analysis. The 3100 analyzer automatically injects your samples; and unlike slab-gel systems, you only need minimal amounts of DNA for accurate analysis. Add new application-specific analysis software to proven sequencing and fragment analysis chemistries – and you have a complete system for all your sequencing needs.

Analyze Hundreds of Samples in a Single Day Simply set up your sample and data and then sit back and watch as the analyzer's ultra-rapid sequencing gives you high-quality data (98.5% accuracy on read lengths longer than 500 bp) in less than 40 minutes. Or, in the same short time, use standard microsatellite and SNP analysis run modules to get over 7,000-10,000 genotypes.

Integrated Data Analysis Tools Reduce Time-to-Results The 3100 Genetic Analyzer software suite allows you to generate more meaningful data with less work.

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