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Flo-Cal* - High Speed Calorimeter

Thermo Scientific* Flo-Cal - High speed online calorimeter is used to measure heating value of combustible gases with fast response, reliable operation and ease of maintenance and calibration.

Features two basic modes of operation: wobbe index and calorific value. The combination of the two instruments enables the the heat value of the gas at standard conditions to be expressed as net heating value.
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Features of Flo-Cal
  • Basic mode of operation: Wobbe Index or Calorific Value via optional Specific Gravity Meter
  • Fast response and continuous operation
  • Modbus RS-485 network communications
  • Two continuous 4-20mÅ analog outputs
  • Flame safety automatic interlock
  • Standard and explosion-proof models
  • Easy to maintain and calibrate

Versatile Measurement

  • Flexible Flo-Cal has two basic modes of operation
  • Base system provides a Wobbe Index measurement (a meaningful measurement of the heating characteristics of the gas mixture) that takes into consideration the compositional changes within the gas mixture
  • Provides Calorific Value measurement, the base Wobbe Index unit must incorporate the Thermo Scientific Sarasota FD900 specific gravity (SG) meter, a highly accurate device that is based on the well accepted vibrating tube technology
  • Provides a continuous online SG measurement with accuracy to 0.1% of reading
  • This combination enables the Flo-Cal to reliably calculate Calorific Value, the heat value of the gas at standard conditions expressed as Net Heating Value or the actual available heat value of the gas at standard conditions
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Thermo Scientific - Model 6000

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Thermo Scientific - Model 8000

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