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The LI-7200 Enclosed CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer

The LI-7200 Enclosed CO2/H2O Analyzer is a high speed, high precision, non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer designed for applications that require fast and accurate CO2/H2O measurements. For eddy covariance applications, it mounts atop a flux tower or measurement platform and uses a short inlet tube co-located with the sample volume of the sonic anemometer.

The LI-7200 maximizes the strengths of traditional open path and closed path instruments. Open path analyzers feature excellent frequency response, low power requirements, tool-free optical cell cleaning, and are light weight. Closed path analyzers also provide many benefits, including low susceptibility to rain, fog or snow, and the potential for automated calibration. These features are brought together in the LI-7200, making it the first gas analyzer with the consistency of closed path instruments and the practicality and low power requirements of open path instruments.

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Features of LI-7200

Benefits of Closed Path

  • Minimal data loss due to precipitation and icing
  • No surface heating issues - fast cell temperature measurements
  • Possibility of automated calibrations on tower
  • Minimal-to-negligible WPLH correction
  • Possible to heat the system to prevent ice build up in extremely cold environments

Benefits of Open Path

  • Good frequency response for both CO2 and H2O measurements
  • Small and easily corrected flux attenuation in short intake tube
  • Tool-free optical cell cleaning
  • Low power requirements
  • System simplicity, small size, light weight, and weatherproof design
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