Analysco - Vulcan M and MA Series

Manufactured by  Analysco
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Fusion machines for routine and complex fusion procedures

The Vulcan M series is most suited to routine, high throughput operations with similar types of sample. A default program can be set so that operation is simply a matter of pressing the “GO” button and leaving the machine to itself.  
The Vulcan MA is as easy to use as the M series and can perform the same routine tasks. In addition however, the MA has programmable flame temperatures for more complex fusion techniques or where it is required to fuse a wide range of sample types, needing different flame settings. A program can be developed for different groups of samples and stored in memory for selection when required.
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Features of Vulcan M and MA Series
  • Rapid heating of the sample for complete simultaneous melting of flux and sample  
  • Combination of gas, air and oxygen for optimum flame, wide temperature range and minimal oxygen usage  
  • Very low temperature for automatic pre oxidation (eg ferro alloys)  
  • High temperature for melting difficult samples without needing additives (eg TiO2)  
  • Permanently storable application programs for ease of operation and repeatable results
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Analysco - Vulcan 2MA

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Analysco - Vulcan 4MA

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Analysco - Vulcan 6MA

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