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An advanced clinical microscope engineered for sophisticated observations over long hours of use.

The versatile Eclipse 55i clinical microscope offers powerful optical capabilities, unsurpassed ergonomic features and is optimized for digital imaging. Its unique white LED illumination system provides a homogenous and bright distribution of illumination across the field for optimal viewing and digital imaging, resulting in spectacular, vivid, true-to-life colors. Intuitive ergonomic features, like the stay-in-position stage handle and tilting/telescoping ergonomic eyepiece tube ensure ideal viewing posture, enabling long hours of observations to be carried out in perfect comfort.
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Features of Eclipse 55i

Renowned Nikon CFI60 Optics   Highly acclaimed optics combine the CF design with infinity optics utilizing a 60mm parfocal distance. The results are objectives with longer working distances and high NA's, producing crisp, clear images with minimal flare. The CFI60 optics are perfect for both observations through the eyepiece as well as capturing images with a digital camera. CFI60 optical design provides a flexible upgrade path to accommodate various accessories to be added to the microscope to meet individual applications.  

White LED Illumination   Utilizing white LED illumination, the 55i is an ideal choice for brightfield applications. The color temperature remains constant even when the brightness is altered, making adjustiments of the color balance filter unnecessary. Due to its minimal power consumption, the 55i has an extremely long lamp lifecycle and the illuminator does not generate heat.  

Refocusing Stage   The stage can be lowered by pushing the lever down, and will return to its original position when the lever is pressed again. This eliminates the need to refocus the image manually each time the specimen is changed and the slide oiled, greatly improving microscopy productivity.  

Refined Stage with Stay-in-position Stage Handle   Refined stage has a stay-in-position stage handle. The stage handle stays at the same position regardless of stage X-Y position. Because the stage handle and the focusing knob are always situated close to each other, users can easily and smoothly operate the controls with their hand resting comfortably on the desk. The height and torque of the stage handle are adjustable to further enhance comfort during operation. Alumite, a new hardening treatment, has been applied to the stage surface to increase durability and smoothness. This facilitates the smooth exchange of specimens while preventing the surface from being scratched by the repeated exchange of glass slides.  

Ergonomic Eyepiece Tube   The ergonomic eyepiece tube can be inclined from 10° to 30° and the eyepieces can be extended 40mm. This ensures optimum eye point and a comfortable viewing posture, regardless of the operator's physique or if intermediate modules are used.  

Easy Access Controls   Frequently used controls and switches for adjusting the field diaphragm and illumination intensity have been concentrated in the lower part of the right-hand side to minimize the operator's hand movements and enable operation without having to take your eyes off the specimen.  

Rock-solid Stability   Utilizing computer-aided engineering (CAE), the new microscopes boast superb durability and stability, even during applications in which they are upgraded with various attachments.  

Epi-fluorescence Microscopy   A dedicated turret-type epi-fluorescence illuminator has a quick-change mechanism combined with a unique filter-lock system and front-mounted shutter, providing the ultimate combination of performance and convenience in clinical fluorescence diagnostic microscopy.  

Pathology Tests   As the 55i uses white LED illumination, it can maintain the same color temperature even if the brightness is changed. Observations extending to many hours can be carried out in a natural posture without physical strain because an ergonomic tube enables the flexible adjustment of the eye point.  

Optional DSC Port   An optional DSC port can be combined with an ergonomic tilting/telescoping tube to balance user needs for both digital-image capture and comfortable viewing. Two models are available: a 0.7x lens that is designed to optimize the image to the 2/3-inch CCD, and a 1.0x lens that is designed to optimize the image to a 1-inch CCD. By matching the correct DSC port magnification to the CCD, the same area that is viewed through the eyepieces can be captured with a C-mount digital camera. A centering and focus adjustment mechanism is also provided.

General Specifications
Microscope TypeUpright
Additional Specifications

Optical system:  
CFI60 Infinity Optical System  
Coarse/fine focusing:  
Fine: 0.1mm per rotation; Coarse: 13.8mm per rotation, Minimum reading: 1µm Coarse motion torque adjustable, Refocusing function (with stopper)  
White LED array; AC adapter (100-240V) or optional lithium battery (7.4V)  
Built-in filter:  
LA60 color balance filter  
Eyepiece tube:  
Binocular tube B (for F.O.V. 22mm);Trinocular tube "F" UW (for F.O.V. 22mm/25mm, observation/photo: 100/0, 0/100); Trinocular tube "T" UW (for F.O.V. 22mm/25mm, observation/photo: 100/0, 20/80, 0/100); Ergonomic binocular tube (for F.O.V. 22mm, inclination:10-30°, extension: 40mm); DSC port: 100/0, 50/50 (optional)  
Eyepiece lens:  
10X (F.O.V.: 22mm), 10X M photo mask (F.O.V.: 25mm), 12.5X (F.O.V.: 16mm), 15X (F.O.V.: 14.5mm), UW 10X (F.O.V.: 25mm), UW 10X M photo mask (F.O.V.: 25mm)  
Sextuple nosepiece; Ergo-View cytodiagnostic unit (Motorized changeover 10X to 40X with hand switch, Stamp type marking; Automatic illumination adjustment with Ergo-View  
Super-hard Alumite coated surface, Stay-in-position stage handle, Stage handle height and tension adjustable Rectangular 159 x 243mm surface stage, 78 x 54mm cross travel (x-y movement) 1-slide or 2-slide specimen holder available (option)  
Condenser focusing stroke:  
Intermediate accessories:  
Epi-fluorescence illuminator (4 filter positions), Magnification module, Eye-level riser, Double port  
Observation method:  
Brightfield, Epi-fluorescence

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